BattleGoat studios are currently developing the attention-grabbing title Supreme Ruler 2010, here we discuss with their lead designer, David Thompson, about gameplay details, multiplayer support and we can clearly see what a low reputation of publishers they got (is he wrong after all?). And here you will discover that Supreme Ruler 2010 is actually the follow up to a 1982 title!

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Hello , To start off who are you and what do you do at BattleGoat studios?

Hi! My name is David Thompson, and I'm the Lead Designer at BattleGoat Studios in Ancaster, Ontario Canada. Currently we are working on a new Strategy Game called Supreme Ruler 2010 for the PC.

Please tell us what the game is about/what it simulates

Supreme Ruler 2010 is a Military, Economic, and Diplomatic simulation. Essentially we take the premise that over the next 8 years, one crisis after another will have undermined the current world structures, NATO, IMF, and the like... Countries will have become isolationist and broken down into Economic Sub-Regions. With today's actual headlines, it's scary how real our concept could be.

However... In the game your goal is to take control of any of these
sub-regions in the world and begin a campaign that will eventually lead to you becoming the Supreme Ruler of the world. You will be able to win scenarios militarily, economically, and even diplomatically through approval ratings.

Ok how did you originaly came up with the idea for Supreme Ruler 2010?

We actually consider Supreme Ruler 2010 a "Sequel". George Geczy, our Lead Programmer originally created "Supreme Ruler" in 1982 as a text based game for the TRS-80 (Published by a company he created - JMG Software International). We had been talking about an "Update" to it for several years and finally we got the opportunity to pursue our vision.

Does the game require alot of time to get a hang of?

One of the things we have concentrated on in the design is that the game should appeal to both the casual gamer and the player who wants to run every aspect of his government. So, effectively "No" the game doesn't take a lot of time to get the hang of. If you do want to "Micro Manage" every last detail of your region though, you would be looking at a bigger investment in time to master all the complexities.

What are the different types of play and how do you master the game?

The game can be played as follows :

Single Player Campaign
Single Player Scenario
Multi Player Scenarios

How you master it will depend on the personality of the player. Someone might learn all the intricacies of the economic model, and be able to effectively take control through Product Monopolies, and the like. Still other players might want to take a peaceful / diplomatic approach to asserting control --- "Win their hearts and their bodies will follow!" And of course, the rest of us will build tanks and invade!

Will there be mulitplayer support in the game? Please specify what types , LAN etc. )

Yes, as I mentioned above there will be Multiplayer Support in the game. Personally I can't imagine how a product these days can lack such an essential component. We will support LAN and Internet Play with up to 16 Players.

Is there something unique in the game or a feature/thing that you are particuarly proud of?

Yes... There are many components in Supreme Ruler 2010 that we think are unique and that we are proud of. The depth of the game overall is probably the thing I'm most satisfied with, and it takes a lot of new concepts to have allowed us to accomplish this. Allowing players to control how they play and still provide the opportunity to win was not an easy design component and I think we've pulled it off well. Some of our most unique concepts are still being kept under our hats, so you'll have to wait a while to find out about them!

Who will be publishing the game and when will it be available?

Right now I can't say who will be publishing the game. We've talked to a few different publishers and haven't signed with them yet simply because at this moment in time we prefer to keep our fates in our own hands. This also goes to the question of when will it be available: Being that it is our first release, our reputation will be made or lost with Supreme Ruler 2010. Until we are confident that we control the release of the game, we won't be in a rush to sign with anyone. We've had the luxury of being able to fund the development of the game ourselves and we don't want to be forced to adhere to someone else's schedule. In this way, we ensure that Supreme Ruler 2010 is not released "buggy" or missing any critical component. Currently we anticipate that Supreme Ruler 2010 will ship Q1, 03 but if for any reason we feel it's not ready, we want the ability to make that decision ourselves.

Besides windows will the game be ported to any other operating systems?

The Mac is certainly a possibility. We want to finish it for the PC first and then we'll see. We would have to redo video and Multi Player components, but if we feel the demand is there, it could be achieved in about an extra eight weeks. Sounds like something our programming team can work on while us designers start work on the next game.

Any final word?

Only to say "Thanks for your interest in our game!" and of course I might as well take this opportunity to shamelessly promote both our Website: and our Forum:! If you are interested in following the development more closely and learning more about the game, you should check out both sites!