Sadly and slowly classic Monkey-Island-alike 2D puzzle/adventures are disappearing, replaced by today's 3D frenzy and all those beautiful hand painted backgrounds and characters are starving. Luckily Got Game Entertainment and developer Prograph have still one SCUMM-alike title ucpoming. Here we try to find out as much as possible about Tony Tough.

Available: Q3 2002

Screenshots 9-13 are Exclusive to this interview.

Hi, please introduce yourself and your company to our readers.

Ciao, my name is Sergio and I work here at Prograph as a graphic artist. Prograph is an Italian game developer. We are physically located in the middle of the Dolomites, near the famous Cortina D'Ampezzo skiing resort. We also developed the upcoming Tsunami 2265 which Got Game Entertainment is also publishing.

What is the plot behind Tony Tough?

Tony Tough is a tough man with a tough job. He works as a private eye for Wallen & Wallen Investigations. However, this Leisure Suit Larry look-alike, with a way too big raincoat and enormous glasses, certainly doesn't look like someone who is capable of intimidating anyone. He's been a private eye for ten years now, and finally, he's got an assignment worth risking his neck for. He must catch a swollen headed psychopath who keeps stealing candy from children. This doesn't seem too dangerous, but Tony thinks otherwise: "I'll save their lives! A candy today, the whole Planet tomorrow." And this tomorrow is never to come as our hero plans to thwart the villain's evil plans tonight, on Halloween.

Adventure games don't exactly dominate the gaming industry nowadays, so what made you decide to go with a game of such an old-school style?

Well, I'd say PASSION and a bit of CHALLENGE! You see, the whole idea of Tony was born from a team of 20 guys in their twenties with a great passion - believe it of not -- for point&click adventure games. We believe there is a place for all types of games in this industry as long as they are very well made and very entertaining. And that's Tony Tough and the Night of Roasted Moths!

Where did you get the inspiration for this cartoonish adventure?

I think I may have just answered this question! : ) And we really admire the Lucas adventure games like Escape from Monkey Island. They set a good standard to live up to.

Could you describe the character Tony Tough?

Tony is a combination of all of the following adjectives:
Insecure: This is often revealed by his use of "Ehm...but...actually..."

Scholastic: Like that character Cliff Claven on the old American TV show, Cheers, Tony's knowledge is based on superficial factual knowledge. He uses sarcasm and his knowledge of trivia to overcome his insecurity.

Fussy: Tony is always complaining about dirt and bad smells with some strange noise: "puah…bleagh".

Innocent: Tony is quite na´ve. He identifies with, and cares about, children.

And he is also definitely quite quirky! His favourite exclamation is: "For all the flying saucers!"

Actually, Tony represents just a "regular" guy, crazy for TV series, chess, and scientific subjects. However, armed with his raincoat and a Woody Allen-type countenance he also stubbornly fights for the strange ideals of a private investigation agency.

What is your favourite feature in the game?

From my point of view, one of the most exciting features is the extremely open game structure. This means that the choice of what to do and how to carry on with the adventure is completely left up to the player.

What was the biggest challenge in terms of staying true to the cartoonish world?

Creating an impressive environment, making up tons of funny dialogue, then mixing it all together.

Has anything funny happened during the development?

Yes, I remember, when we were testing voice-over files, Tony started talking with Mortimer's voice - Mortimer is the undertaker - the team laughed: "is Tony having some kind of identity crisis?" ;))

Your websites says that the plot is non-linear. How will this work in the game?

Unlike other point&click adventure, in Tony Tough you can almost immediately access all areas of the game. This allows you to solve one enigma while looking for clues that will allow you to solve another.

How much is left of the development of Tony Tough?

The voice overs are being done and they're going to be good!

What do you think of this year's E3?

Oh well, what to say about the E3? We really love NINTENDO!

Any closing words for the fans? And when can we expect to see Tony Tough in the stores?

If you don't think you are a point&click adventure player, this could be the game to change your mind. And for those who are fans of the genre, we think you will be very happy!! The game will be in stores before Halloween. Perfect timing!