Available: Fall 2002

Article by Andreas 'Interman' Misund

There are many reasons why people play games these days. A lot of people like to practice their brain, a bunch just like to be entertained, but there are also a good load of people who simply like to be shocked. 15 years ago people watched horror movies to be shocked, but these days people seem to be able to handle more and more blood, guts and flying appendices. But, the computer gaming industry is different. Postal 1 was one of the few games that really pissed off a lot of parents. The Carmageddon, Grand Theft Auto and Postal series of games are all different from each other, but they are alike in one way; carnage. The first Postal game didn't have an awesome story, brilliant characters or extraordinarily beautiful scenery, but you could kill anyone with a wide assortment of guns and gadgets, which in a twisted sense made it fun. The sequel, which is not too far from release, takes the step from isometric 2d to full 3d. This sounds like it can be a really entertaining game, but while you wait for the release you can read the answers Vince Desi of Running With Scissors gave to our questions.

Hi, please introduce yourself to our readers.

I'm Vince Desi... the C.E.O!

It's been a few years since the release of Postal 1, could you briefly describe what it was about back then, and how things have changed in the sequel?

Well POSTAL has gone 3D. Games back in 97 needed some real down home shock value, killing aliens and monsters was getting tired. People needed to kill people, and POSTAL allowed them to do that. Now it's more mainstream to have games where you kill real people and the shock isn't as apparent. We see POSTAL 2 as a comedy of violence, the humor is real important, especially when it involves violent content.

Moving on to 3D must have been a great step in terms of realism - what kind of graphical features does Postal 2 have?

Unreal Warfare is an amazing engine as far as the terrain and particle systems go, the graphics are amazing, and the technology is just right for our style of gameplay! Also, we've added out own liquid physics so you can pour gasoline from rooftops, it's unbelievable.

Freedom to do what you want seems to be an important part in the game's design. What exactly can you do?

You can really do whatever you want, you can buy stuff, steal stuff, piss, shoot people, light people on fire, you can use PUSSY like you never used PUSSY before!

Where did you get the inspiration to make Postal 2?

Well RWS always wanted to make POSTAL 2, the original title has continued to sell to this day. Once we were in a position to get started we just let our minds go, we all agreed it had to be funny, violence can get boring.

The artificial intelligence seems to be well done in Postal 2, please elaborate on what makes it great.

Well there's the urine, the puking, the elephants, the cat.. Just lots of replay opportunities. The AI is programmed so that the NPC's have emotional and directional actions and reactions, they don't just shoot and attack you all the time. Sometimes they can even help you.

Not that I will be using it, but will there be a parental lock?

I'm a parent, and the fact is TALK to your kids, that's' the best advice I can offer. Locks are for the same people that think taking my 77 year-old mothers shoes off at airports is a smart prevention.

What will the Postal Dude do in the single player part of the game?

P2 is about a week in the life of the Dude. You get to live out his normal activities.

Would you name a couple examples of errands?

Get Milk, Return your library book, Get your paycheck from RWS, and cash it!

What kind of multiplayer features does Postal 2 have?

It will come lock stocked with normal multiplayer! Deathmatch and capture the flag! Within the coming months after P2 is released, there will be an all multiplayer version available -crazy shit- too crazy to speak of!

What is your favorite mode, and why?

I like capture the flag. It evens play up and puts a little method to the madness! And trust me this ain't no regular version of CTF.

Has anything especially funny happened during the development?

Going to a firing range with Gary Coleman to shoot automatic weapons was a blast! And lighting my driveway on fire for R&D was insane.

What kind of guns will be available?

Guns or weapons? We have a nice collection of guns, including silencers, and of course GASOLINE!!!

What do you think of this year's E3?

Seemed positive, but honestly we were so busy working our bingo table booth outside the restrooms, I didn't get to walk around much. Even the booth babe chicks have to take a leak so we had a real good angle.

What is left to do in the development of Postal 2?

We're adding a few final features, really based on AI, to make you laugh your ass off. Then it's all about testing!

When is it due for release?

Fall, we wanna make sure everybody's Christmas stocking runs red.

Is a second sequel possible?

Anything's possible, but you can't go to far ahead of your self! Lets get this baby running and well see how the storm forms!

Any closing words for the fans?