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Article by Deim I. and Andreas "Interman" Misund

Ruff Trigger: The Vanocore Conspiracy by Italian game developer Playstos whose rights are currently handled by Octagon will be an action packed shoot ?em up game for PC and next-generation console systems, which takes the player on a fast-paced journey filled with action, fun and piglets!
We talked to Luca Da Rios and Gabriele Baldissera about their upcoming game and what it will be like.

Could you please introduce yourself to our readers and explain your role in the development of Ruff Trigger?

My name is Luca Da Rios, CEO and Development Supervisor. In addition to heading the administrative side of Ruff Trigger, I also follow the game?s various development phases.

My name is Gabriele Baldissera, Managing Director and Production Supervisor. I deal with the various managerial facets as well as following the game?s construction stages.

What exactly is Ruff Trigger? Could you perhaps line out the main ideas about the game and its story?

Ruff Trigger is not only the game?s main character but a bounty hunter as well, tracing his origins to an ancient breed of sled dogs, the Alaskan malamute. Ruff carves out a living working for the Boss Private Investigation Agency, and the adventure begins one day as Boss, at the agency?s helm, calls Ruff with a new task.

The latest Vanocore Corporation product, the Piglet, must be retrieved before chaos breaks out in the Tyke Galaxy. The Piglets are ostensibly harmless pet animals, which have been marketed throughout the galaxy. Problems arise, however, upon the discovery of the transformation of the cute, lovable Piglets into frightening, ravenous Piglots; all this due to a genetic code mishap.

At this point Ruff?s mission is clear, capture the pre-transformed Piglets or eliminate them, in the case of the Piglots. In order to do so, Ruff will find himself on the various planets that compose the galaxy. From the desert sands to oceanic depths to lush jungles, Ruff must search out the Piglet and deposit this genetic time bomb in one of the provided containment cages.

During his search and capture mission, Ruff must not only confront the various environmental elements along the way, but must face a motley crew of outlaws, other bounty hunters, the police, secret agents, angry pet owners and many more?

Were it not for his vast arsenal of bizarre weapons and ingenious equipment the task at hand would appear truly dire. However, Ruff managing these arms is able to capture the Piglet and move forward in his quest.

What features make your game superior to the competition?

With all the competition currently on the market we?ve tried to differentiate Ruff Trigger: The Vanocore Conspiracy from the rest by focusing on having animals as main characters rather than aliens or people. In doing so, we feel Ruff Trigger and the rest of the game?s characters will be more appealing to the gamer, in addition to creating a bond between the player and the character itself. Connecting with the character will no doubt transport the player into the game, but will also push the player forward in his adventure. Moreover, Ruff Trigger offers excitement without the copious amount of violence so often present in today?s games, something easily accomplished with the use of cartoon-style animal characters.

Besides the aforementioned elements adding to the gamer?s experience, Ruff Trigger?s multi-faceted characters also set the game apart from the crowd. Ruff Trigger himself has 200 animations; there are 70 well-defined characters with a strong visual appeal with an average of 10 animations per character, real time morphing and shaped animation, sophisticated AI and unique vehicles for high-adrenalin racing sections that transport Ruff throughout the various locations.

What?s more, Ruff Trigger: The Vanocore Conspiracy is aesthetically appealing. The locations have been constructed from an architectural point of view, and are vast, offering limitless exploration; a mesmerizing soundtrack and environmental material reproduction further act to grab the player?s attention, not to mention striking special effects round out the experience. Without a doubt the most compelling factor is the game?s solid storyline and dynamic plot, assuring fast and furious gameplay.

The PC and console version of Ruff Trigger is developed simultaneously. Are there any differences?

As is the case with any videogame that has made the passage from PC to console there are obvious changes made to the game itself. In part this is due to the fact that the gamer anticipates new elements, enticing him/her to move forward in the console version of the game. Moreover, the technology associated with today?s next generation consoles allows, perhaps even necessitates, the full exploitation of such a powerful piece of equipment. In the case of Ruff Trigger: The Vanocore Conspiracy extra Multiplayer Game Modes have been added. To this end the developer is supplied with the possibility of making innovative additions be it in image and sound quality or, from a player?s point of view, create a game that is quite simply spectacular.

When can we expect the game to be released?

We?re not currently at liberty to divulge this information.

On what other projects is Playstos currently working? Are there any plans what to do after Ruff Trigger?

Besides concentrating on Ruff Trigger: The Vanocore Conspiracy, Playstos is also collaborating with Avid SoftImage on its Beta Testing Program, as one of 20 beta testers in the world. We are also already toying with some concepts to expand upon after the completion of Ruff Trigger. In addition, we are continuously making improvements to our internally developed software.

In the last years game developers seemed more to concentrate on expanding successful game series than creating and realizing new ideas. How would you interpret the future of the gaming industry?

Today?s game industry is large enough for the development and expansion of various game genres. One quickly realizes that the assorted genres present on the market are due in large part to the changing parameters of today?s gamers. One clear example is the overwhelming success of Britney Spears Dance Beat, a totally new idea and for that matter genre, which was created and embraced no doubt as a result of gamer variety.
In addition, sports events like the World Cup will undoubtedly see an increase in the number of sports games related to soccer. Another example of the market striving to reach every player niche is Tony Hawk?s Pro Skater. Yet further examples of innovative new interpretations of adventure/action games are easily visible in Black and White, Ico and Rez.
Finally, the sector, without a doubt, will continue to grow exponentially, continuously closing the graphic and technical quality gap between videogames and cinematic production, which rely heavily on the use of 3D and digital effects. For this reason we think the next few years will bring with them both a sort of film-like interaction in videogame production and an incredible diffusion of highly evolved entertainment consoles all the while aimed at a vast audience with a very large target age.

Any final words to our readers?

Keep an eye out for Playstos, we?re doing some great things and are confident today?s videogamers are going to like what they see.

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