Available: March 2003
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Article by "Sgt. Weeman"

The team over at BURUT have an upcoming RPG named GOLDENLAND in development. With the influx of many RPG titles with outstanding gameplay & graphics, will BURUT be able to come up with a title that will be able to hold it's own in the big bad world of the RPG Gamer? Let us find out a bit more.

Hi, tell the folks out there who you are and what part in the development team you play?

Hello all readers, I?m Sergey Buravtsov and I?m a Lead Game Designer and Lead programmer of Golden Land project.
The other answering developers are:
Eugeny Bratkov, scriptwriter
Eugeny Lominin, programmer

GoldenLand is the name of the game, but there will be many of our readers who have not heard much from your team or the title you have under development, can you please give a brief description of the game?

S.B. The plot of the game is an independent continuation of events that were occurred about 300 years ago, when two unknown heroes Velemir and Velena won over the Evil and the Golden Land found a desired peace. Later the Heroes? Cult originated and the population of Golden Mountains valley turned away from their Lucid Gods relying solely on themselves. It seemed that nothing ever could disturb this Land. And nobody worried when undead filled up the valley and hunger and epidemics spread everywhere. Only the highest priest of the Heroes Cult Kotar knew, that three hundred years ago the same signs signaled the world about coming of Dark Drakh-Shoo... He took the Great Council and three disciples were chosen for the searching of the Great Wizard of ancient time Shurba-Hala and asking him for help. They were Siger, Gartranger and Hush. Each of these novices stood out in one of the skills: Siger was the best Warrior of the Temple, Gartranger was a powerful magician and Hush was a high experienced pathfinder. Next day they started their way to the searching of Shurba-Hala. It was a decision of the greatest among the Highest Priests Kotar, and the Council obeyed to Him.
The only thing Kotar never mentioned was the vision he had the night before the Council. It was sent by Lucid Gods and it ordered him to send a fourth novice for searching of Shurba-Hala and moreover give him the object that had belonged to the real Heroes in the past. So, the unknown young guy starts his difficult and fascinating way?

GoldenLand is a role playing game with a global gameworld, populated with a quantity of magical and usual essences, developed role system, divaricated storyline allowing multiply passes of every quest, and turn-based battle system. The multiplayer mode allows players to join their energies on struggles against the enemies, to fight against each other and even to establish economical relations with other players.

What will be more important in the game: Skills or weapons, or are they as valuable as each other?

E.B. The weapon has a big significance in the game, but only the skills allow using this weapon to its full capacity and gives the additional abilities in the battle. The skills are divided by the types of weapon. For example, using the crushing weapon wielding enables to cause more damage with sticks, hammers and cudgels and gives the new abilities. Among with such particular skills there will be also several skills that have an influence on fighting possibilities of the hero independently on certain classes of weapon like Tactics or Martial Art.

Will we be able to interact with objects within the game?

S.B. Yes, our gameworld allows player to interact with different objects like doors, trunks and butts, dead bodies of monsters, enemies and friends. At the same time some of these doors or trunks have a parameter of complexity of the lock. So, the hero should force the lock or use any skill or even may be try the spell.

Do you get a choice of characters, and if so do you start off with most of what you need to complete your tasks or do we have to obtain these skills as the game progresses?

E.B. From the beginning you can start just along, but later during the game you?ll be able to join new characters to the group of hero.
The hero will increase his experience during the whole game, but at the start he gets a minimum of his potential abilities. We decided to refuse of the dividing of game characters by classes that will allow to player the way of his development in a process of the game, without orientation on hic choice in the generation of hero.

The AI is always important to make a game worthwhile. How intelligent is the AI and do we get to interact with the AI, and how good will the hit accuracy be in the game? I.E. if you injure your enemy in the foot will he limp and the speed they move alter accordingly?

E.L. Sure the success of any game depends on AI. So every character in Golden Land has it?s own unique AI. Some of characters are richly of memory that allows to predict hero?s actions and specialize to his manner of playing.
We provided for damages of different parts of the body. Sure it?ll have an effect on the health, behavior, abilities to different action of hero and character.

What different characters are there and do they belong to certain groups within the game and, how important are they for completing the game?

S.B. The gameworld is inhabited by a quantity of different characters. Sure, they are divided by groups at that there will be assigned various relations from hostile to allied between the member of different groups to each other. The visual relationships of characters changes correspondingly. Concerning the importance of some characters, developing the storyline we?ve tried to get rid of necessity of presence without fail of any NPCs in the gameworld. Player has a freedom of action can choice his enemies and interlocutors independently.

As you go along will you be able to recruit characters to your own party? Or are you just one man who makes allies throughout the game?

S.B. No, our gaming process includes union to the main hero characters that follows the hero. They can join the hero as by their own wishes as at the instance of player or for payment. Furthermore all adventurers have the original behavior style, inventory and couple of spells.

Do you use your own game engine and, what technologies do you incorporate to produce your textures and models?

S.B. Yes, whole basis of the game was developed by our team. The most part of all game sources is a combination of high-polygonal modeling and handmade finishing. At that we give a high attention up to the face features, small details of clothes like buttons or clasps and so on.

Gameplay over Graphics? Where do you stand in this argument?

S.B. Developing the game we have to place special emphasis on the gameplay, but at the same time the more detailed and realistic graphics is, the more completely player can deep into the gaming process, feel the game atmosphere and interpret our idea.

With most games that are being released today containing multiplay will you be doing the same and if so what support will you provide to the community?

S.B. At the moment the multiplayer mode of the game allows players to develop the storyline, fight with enemies and find friends together. There are up to 4 players supported by protocol TCP/IP.

When do we expect to see a demo released for the game and when is it slated for release?

S.B. We are going to present the public demo about 4th Q 2002, and the release date is planned on 1st Q 2003.

Finally is there anything else you would like to add?

S.B. Our project has its own internet-site where you can find a lot of different and useful information about the game. So, welcome to www.goldenland-rpg.com.