Available: 2004
By: Radon Labs

Article by Safwat "Helium02"

More and more games released lately are based on the WW2, although it had occurred many years ago, the interest of modern people (and gamers) in this war is still "alive".
After Return to castle Wolfenstein and Medal of Honor and many other games, Radon Labs is developing another based-on WW2 game called Schwarzenberg but as an unusual type of action-adventure game. To know more about this game (which is recommended by the way) read this interview with Bernd Beyreuther-CEO of RADON LABS.

Hello, please introduce your self and the company you work for.

My name is Bernd Beyreuther. I am gamedesigner and CEO of RADON LABS. A game development company located in Eastern Berlin. Radon Labs has been founded by the former core team that created URBAN ASSAULT (1998 for Microsoft).

You've announced your plans for this game, after finishing with "Project Nomads". When do you think the game will be released?

Oh ? we already started SCHWARZENBERG ? we are in pre-production.
It will likely be finished in 2004.

As many other WW2 based games, this game will be based on real life events. Give us more details about these events, places etc.

The time is 1945.
The Third Reich is collapsing.
Chaos reigns in Europe as the Allied Armies free more and more countries from the grasp of the Nazis.

As the German and Allied armies clash in final battle, mysterious orders stop the US Army under Patton from occupying a small area in the dark and forbidding valleys of the Erzgebirge. The town of Schwarzenberg becomes a sealed off no-access area, surrounded by US Forces and the tanks of the Red Army.

Rumors about Schwarzenberg become more and more fantastic: tales of a Nazi stronghold, a storage of plundered treasure beyond imagination, secret weapon projects...

Tell us about the background story and about the missions. Is there going to be points of view, like Red alert series, which means can I play once as the German army and once as the American army?

You take the role of a scientist.
You are attached to the Secret Service Mission and parachute into the last bastion of the Nazi regime. What begins as a routine mission turns into a nightmare - you are drawn deeper and deeper into a net of treason, lies and deceit as you uncover the shocking truth.

How did the idea behind this game come? As I understood, you started thinking about developing such a game 12 years ago, what caused such a delay?

1.) We wanted to wait for better technique (you know : Amigas that time)
2.) We had to study and to learn to make games first
3.) We wanted to make a few games before realizing our dream concept
4.) It took time to learn more about the historical events

What graphics engine will you use in this game? Have you used it before? Tell us about its unique performance.

We are using our own 3D engine: THE NEBULA DEVICE.
This engine is specialiced in Outdoor Environment, 3D clouds, dynamic Trees and cool lighting / day-night cycles. For SCHWARZENBERG we are adding a special RETRO SHADING ? a brand new technology to make things looking old J The special thing about THE NEBULA DEVICE is, that it is OPEN SOURCE. You can download it for free from our website: www.radonlabs.de.

Any project to bring this title to next generation consoles after PC?

SCHWARZENBERG is planned for Xbox first. We will port than to PC and other consoles.

Are you aiming at including on-line gaming option in the game? What other options will the gamer have while playing it?

SCHWARZENBERG is totally focused on immersive single player gaming.

Maybe it is still early to ask, but what weapons and vehicles are you thinking to include in this game?

There will be bikes, old German motorbikes as well as car, tanks. Weapons will range from guns up to a V2.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Currently we are looking for a publisher for SCHWARZENBERG.

? Fascinating real historical background: historically correct settings
? Cinematic scenery: inhabited rooms, mass scenes, wide and open outdoor levels
? Highly complex character models and behaviors, realistic movements and facial expressions
? Epic mature storyline with classic thriller elements: suspense, treason, double play, intrigue, a love interest and surprising story twists
? Story created by experienced role-playing authors known from DSA - Germany?s biggest Role-playing system
? The improved NEBULA DEVICE 3D Engine introduces the new RETRO SHADING for a unique 40ths look
? Real-time dynamic shadowing and illumination system
? Photo realistic grass, trees and water
? Improved NEBULA weather engine adds day and night cycles, rain, fog and wind
? SCHWARZENBERG is designed to be the first part of a trilogy?