Available: 2003

Interviewed by by Safwat "Helium02"

Although I'm not an avid MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) player, "Iritor Online" had attracted me in one way or another. Developed by Wootsoft Entertainment, Ladies and gentlemen, this game is going to be a trend. Get ready.

Hello, please introduce yourself, the company you work for and your role in the development process.

I am Roman Kremlicka of Wootsoft Entertainment. My current position is game designer of Iritor Online.

Tell us more about the game (e.g.: background story), the idea behind.

The primary focus is humanities' struggle to survive on Iritor. They are a pawn in the war between the creators and the ancient evil. The Creators know that one of the mortal races will be their most powerful ally but they don’t know which. In the face of this danger the human society battles their mortal enemies for territory, power and resources. All humans have a common goal to achieve, the survival of their race. These dire circumstances foster an atmosphere of camaraderie and unity.

What graphics engine have you used in the development process? Will it supply any unique performances?

Our graphics engine is custom built for Iritor Online. It features a unified lighting system that calculates realtime shadows for every object in the scene. All lighting is done on a per pixel level, allowing for crisp specular lighting and normal mapping, which can be imagined as a very advanced and improved bump mapping technique.

About the characters: are they going to be skill based with the option to improve by gaining experience? Aside of that, what kind of weapons and vehicles will be available?

The character system will indeed be skill based. By gaining experience the player will no only be able to raise a fixed set of skills but also have the opportunity to choose his specialization level. The possibilities include training skills on different tiers of the skill tree or improving the character in more unique ways through bioware. The effects of bioware range from protection against critical injuries over a better symbiosis between the medic and the viruses he fields to a shaper perception of an enemies weaknesses allowing your shots to deal more damage.

Weapons will include conventional and energy weapons as well as multiple melee weapons like force blades and energy whips.
Players will initially have the ability to steer ground based gliders of varying size, speed and armament.

Tell us about the missions and the submissions in the game. Is there anything new about them? Give us an example of a mission if possible.

Missions will be separated into important story advancing quests and repeatable missions that provide a range of possible rewards. The biggest improvement to existing systems is the possibility of large scale events that include many players. A mission could for example be the conquest of a whole area that was previously the territory of a different race. This large task is split in multiple short term goals that can actually be won by a single group of players.

Where and when does the game take place? Will we play in imaginary places like lost worlds or are they going to be familiar to us?

All events will take place on the torus planet Iritor. The environment there is very varied. It includes settings that are very familiar to the human eye and totally strange alien landscapes.

Tell us about the On-line aspect of the game. How will the player handle the game? And what about dieing, which is pretty critical in MMORPG games?

The player will log in and rematerialize on the position he logged out. Death will lead to a loss in experience points. The character never loses any abilities that were already achieved nor is any equipment lost.

What is the most powerful aspect of this game?

Our game will set new standards in the graphics quality expected from MMORPGs but the real innovation is the evolving world and background story. We will continue to put substantial resources into the game after its first public release.

Was a public beta version of the game released yet?

We haven’t released a beta yet.

Would you like to add something to our readers before we say good-bye?

We at Wootsoft put all our effort in delivering a title that was as much shaped by the exchange with the players themselves as by our own ideas. We hope that more people will offer their input both by joining our online community and most importantly by participating in the public beta test. The exact date for the later beta stages is still to be announced.