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Interviewed by by Safwat "Helium02"

Another soccer management sim is on the horizon. This one is titled simply Soccer Manager. JoWooD has recently published it, so watch out for it on your stores.

Hi, please tell our readers who you are and what part you play in the team.

My name is Werner Krahe, I’m the managing director of heart-line, the developer of the “SOCCER MANAGER”. We have developed football management sims for more than 15 years now. Our products are well known for there playability, well designed user interface and always focused on the fun and enjoyable game play. Our philosophy is not to create a training program for real life managers but to design a game that the football fans will thoroughly enjoy and ensure long term motivation.

With Championship Manager a big hit with the soccer sim community, do you expect Soccer Manager to be as big of a hit?

The Soccer Manager is not really competition to Champ Manager. There is no game in the market, where you may start your first match in only two minutes! SOCCER MANAGER will close this gap and Champ Manager players will certainly enjoy the new benefits that only Soccer Manager offers. SOCCER MANAGER is played very straight. There are fewer menus and switches which ensure greater game play enjoyment. In playing the game you will see every tactical change like no other football manager offers. We do not want to concentrate too much on the detail in realisium, our software is intended to be fun. Just play a quick game and you will soon realise it will be instant hit with fans of the beautiful game everywhere.

What GUI will you implement in the game and, will it be easy on the eyes and easy to pick up?

Our aim was not to confuse the player with hundreds of switches, hidden context menus and sub-sub-menu-screens. You won’t need a manual to play SOCCER MANAGER. Everything is straight forward from beginning to end.

Championship Manager uses text in its GUI to let you know what is happening in the match and Premier Manager uses commentary. What will you use in your game?

We prefer an ISO-3D-Engine. This engine combines high speed with a TV style presentation instead of just showing text. Our priority was to present the user with an effective working of KI for all players on the pitch. Besides, we are the only management game which calculates every match parallel offering the possibility to see up to four matches on one screen and have full graphic even when playing over network!

How realistic are the game and AI in respect of transfers, playing opposition and your finances?

The main focus of Soccer Manager is FUN! We feel that this is the most fun soccer management game around and so gamers that find some areas of traditional soccer management games boring can use the computer to simulate these areas on Soccer Manager, leaving you with all the things that you want to do in the game, and none of the things that you don’t.

Every team acts in a very intelligent manner but the transfers itself are simplified to make it very quick and easy ensuring our main objective to offer maximum fun whilst playing Soccer Manager is achieved.

How many leagues are included in the game. Are you be able to play all the major leagues around the world and also, do we have an option to play world cup qualifiers and the finals?

We provide the major European leagues. But the system is highly flexible and all data is stored in text files. The data can easily be manipulated by the user either direct or with the integrated editor. The system uses very simple commands. Gamers will be able to create any competition they want.

Customisation: can we build our own teams and make up players names and teams? Also can you customise a set-up league so you could put any team you like into a league?

Of course. This will be very easy with the integrated editor. You can change all major data to play in game at any time.

In the single player aspect of the game, what modes of play can we choose from and can we get complete control over our teams and the players?

You will have one mode to play. You are trainer and manager of your favourite team. But if you dislike some jobs a computer assistant will do it for you. We wanted to give the player the option so they do not have complete boring tasks or topics they can simply enjoy the elements of the game they want to focus on.

Are you able to play over a LAN and/or online and if so what support will you provide for the online players?

That is one main point. The program allows up to four players in a TCP/IP network. You may play local or via internet if you have a proper connection. The main focus is to play in the LAN and in a private community.

Demo: Are you releasing one and when?

There will not be a demo available for Soccer Manager.

Finally anything else you would like to add?

Soccer Manager is completely unique to the genre. We are aware of how popular the complex soccer management games are but feel Soccer Manager will offer a whole new look and feel increasing the playability and offering the gamer more satisfaction. We believe Soccer Manager shows off the soccer management genre and will appeal to every level of gamer, those seeking a strategic in depth game and those wanting a quick football fix. You are guaranteed fast football action as soon as the game kicks off.

Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to answer our questions