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By:Creative Edge Studios

Interviewed by Dennis Sloutsky

Bikini Karate Babes is a humorous fighting game for the PC that features some “bootylicious” female-only fighters and some very interesting moves. The recently released game has made a lot of furor in the online gaming community, and today we bring you an interview with the game's producer.

Hi, please introduce yourself, the company you work for, and your part in making of the game.

Hello, my name is Travis Riggs. I own a video production/multimedia company in Sterling, Virginia, called Creative Edge Studios, Inc. I designed the concept for Bikini Karate Babes and acted as Producer/Director.

Please give us the basic storyline / plot of BKB. How come a bunch of such sexy girls is fighting each other - are they trying to figure out who will get their grabby little hands on Gamer's Hell crew?

They are fighting for the mere amusement of the players... No, seriously, there are a few plots to the game. Some are specific to individual characters. But the reason they are fighting is for control of Bikini Island.

What made you come up with an idea for such an unusual fighting game?

I've had the idea for a while. I noticed how female characters in video games started wearing less clothes, but at the same time were involved in a lot of action/fighting etc. I thought the concept was hilarious! So, I decided to spoof the trend in fighting games. Instead of having the fighters break bones, and rip off heads... they spank, slap, and tickle each other. It's as silly as it sounds, but it sure is fun!

Can you tell us a bit about the different game characters and their special ehm... abilities? As a matter of fact we'd all love to know as much as possible about them.

Sure! The Bikini Karate Babes each derive their power from their bikinis. They each have strengths and weaknesses. Here's a few examples:

VENUS: Sure to become a classic video game character! She can shoot a heavy stream of fire from her boobs by gyrating her hips and taking aim of her boobs with her hands. She attempts to overpower her opponents by stealing their bikini tops during the fight. Venus has also been known to remove her own bikini top, and use it as a weapon against her female foes.

TIENWU: A hard-core fighting machine! If Bruce Lee had been an attractive woman... with mad skills... and, er big boobs... this is what it would have been like! TienWu has an assortment of high-flying kicks and devastating combos. She can zap her opponents from afar with a bolt of lightning, or mesmerize them with a very bouncy distraction.

APHRODITE: Definitely a fan favorite! She's a ferocious competitor with a variety of powerful and effective moves. Amazingly sexy, amazingly strong, and the current leader of the island. Aphrodite can teleport in a blaze of fire, which makes her a challenge to defeat. Her provocative movements are tempered with the reality of the damage they cause to unexpecting combatants.

ISIS: How long do a woman's legs need to get before they are illegal? Isis has many abilities and long reaching combo attacks. She enjoys flashing her opponent to taunt them. In the rare cases where she is losing the battle, she is able to rejuvenate herself by pumping her breasts.

PERSEPHONE: So shy, so cute, so wickedly dangerous! At first glance, Persephone doesn't appear to be much of a threat; baby-cute looks, thumb sucking habit, little pink bikini... but wait until she puts the beat down on you! When you play against Persephone, expect to get an ass-whooping! Literally... One of Persephone's favorite delights is bending her opponent over and spanking her.

Among the other characters you can will find; tickling attacks, boob beam attacks, mystical weapons, head noogies and other evil attacks. There's a whole lot of bouncing, kicking, and outrageousness; on the beach, on the hills, in the trees, and underground.

What kind of soundtrack does the game have?

Seriously... the soundtrack is kick ass. I would say one of the best soundtracks in a game ever. While the game is a goofy parody, the soundtrack is quite superb and features a variety of styles and artists.

My guess would be that entire development crew enjoyed working on this one... Is this true? What about the girls?

Are you kidding? You try putting 19 bikini clad women in a studio for several days on end, and see if they don't drive you crazy! :)

Seriously, everyone had a good time, but it really was a lot of work.

What was the best part in making this game?

Tough question. You know what was fun and full of surprises? The auditions! We included a lot of that on our Behind the Scenes DVD. But it's nice to see the end result, and have so many people enjoy the game. We receive a lot of messages on our website from people who are having a great time playing the game. I was surprised to see how many women play the game and enjoy it!

What are the fighting battlegrounds (do they include strip clubs by any chance?)?

Ha... nothing like that. They fight on the beach, desert dunes, snowscape, in the forest, grassy hills, ancient temples, and many other places that are home to each character.

Time for the moment of truth... Who's the hottest of BKB girls?

Wow, that's tough. We specifically designed the game to feature a variety of women. They have different looks, shapes, skills, styles, etc. We did this so that there would be something for EVERYBODY. If all the characters were blond/blue eyes, that wouldn't appeal to everyone. But with variety like this, you can find something that should appeal of everyone.

Ok, so I appear to be evading the question at hand. If you're asking my opinion... I would have a tough time choosing. Although I have heard a lot of comments on this issue from visitors to our website. Venus certainly stands out among the favorites. Aphrodite, Voluptas, Athena, Kakia, and many others. I think everyone needs to play the game and decide for themself who they enjoy the most.

Another moment of truth... Is Aphrodite single and can we get her phone number?

I don't want to comment on her personal relationships, and no you can't have her phone number.






I told you... no.

Pretty please? :)

No! :) However you can e-mail her and any other cast member on our website. Just go to the contacts page and send a message to your character(s) of choice. Many of them check their mail regularly and respond when they get a chance.

How many people were working on the game (if you can call that WORKING - everyone here at Gamer's Hell would do that kind of work for free, so you've got volunteers for your next project!) and how long did it take to complete it?

There were about 65 people involved in making this game. It was an involved process. Aside from myself, we had: video technicians, choreographers, production assistants, graphic designers, animators, musicians, programmers, graphic artists, testers, public relations people, etc. etc....

It took us about 2 years from when we held auditions to finish the game. Then, of course, we had to build a website, and promote it!

Can we ever expect to see a playable demo of the game and when can that happen? We're itching to play it down here at GH... I wonder in what sense I've used that phrase... Hrm, never mind it.

I will send you a copy. Heck, I'll send you guys an autographed copy signed by Aphrodite. I'll send you some other cool stuff too! (And that's when the battle for the autographed game copy started between all GH staff members – I believe that it will be called WW3 in all history books. - Editor.)

How are the game sales doing until now? Can we expect to see a sequel? When can people buy the game?

As of last week, we've received over a million visitors to our website! We certainly received more attention than we were prepared for. As a matter of fact, we received many more orders than we were able to accommodate. So, as a result, there were a lot of back orders. We've caught up with all the back ordered games now, and can handle new orders. I suspect we will indeed do a sequel.

Right now you can only get the game through our website. We're talking with several publishers about releasing BKB worldwide for both PC and Xbox. I can't comment beyond that.

Would you have any nude or at least exclusive pictures to show to our readers? :)

Yes I do, and yes I do. I will send you some exclusive pics. :) (They are viewable in our gallery now. - Editor.)

Any last words for our readers?

Bikini Karate Babes is a fun and silly game. If you're looking for the greatest fighting game since Tekken... you won't find it here. But if you're looking for something unique with solid gameplay and high replay value, then this game is for you!

BKB uses actual video images of real women. You can control these women in real time. It is by far the best example of interactive video controlled in real time ever made. The animation is excellent, not choppy like so many 'other' games using video images. The full range of motion is captured for every punch, kick, and jiggle!

Check out the movie hosted here at Gamer's Hell. It's become a popular internet download over the past month or so. It may make you laugh, it may make you cry, but at the very least it will make you say 'WTF? I can't believe this crazy thing is for real!' :)

Well, it is... and the fans who have already experienced it keep coming back for more.

Thanks for taking the time off your busy schedule to talk to us, it's been fun. We wish you much success in all your future projects!