Available: Q2/Q3 2003
By:3D People

Interviewed by by Safwat "Helium02"

German developers 3D People have given us the chance to find out more about their upcoming RPG Kult. Read on and find out more about he game due to be released in Q2/Q3 2003.

Hello, tell the folks at GAMER'S HELL who you are and what you do?

Hello everybody. I am Peter Nag from 3D People group - currently developing RPG Kult, I think you have heard about it already if you read this.
We are quite young Slovakian-German game development company with development team located in Kosice, Slovakia.

Another RPG, what makes yours a bit special from the others?

The most important is that Kult is created by us :) of course. Almost all of us like RPGs very much and we would like to realize our ideas, dreams - create something new in this field. We have included several new and original features. We would like to combine the advantages of classic 2D RPGs and 3D visual effects and characters.

Baldur's Gate to name just one of the many has its very own community. Do you envisage KULT to be as successful?

We don't want to compete with Baldur's Gate - we don't have enough experience, time and money to compete with such title, although we will try to. Baldur's Gate has a big advantage of AD&D rules, that we don't have, but we are trying to make it better :) .

What about the view; will it be 2D or 3D,or possibly a bit of both?

View will be isometric view with possibility of continual zooming, but not rotating. Characters, special effects are combination of pre-rendered visual effects and engine particle systems. We would like to benefit from both approaches and use the best from both.

Technologywise: what graphics engine do you use to create your textures and models?

In the moment we just advance our workflows and we are not sure what technologies will be continued in. I hope I will be able to answer this question exactly in our possible next interview :) .

How many levels will there be and will the game be quest based?

Well, there are 7 storyline main locations (each consists of several maps) at the moment. But there will be a lot of other side quests, these will be quite important to gain enough experience and special items, skills etc. Generally we plan to reach about 80 maps to explore and plenty of quests.

What multiplayer modes of play will the game support, and where does it lean to most?

We don't plan to release multiplayer in the first release. This will be released either as add-on or in the next sequels :) . Although this question is not closed in the moment, perhaps we will have to reconsider. But if so, we have planned already special Players vs Players mode that might be quite interesting.

What support will you be able to give to the community who participates in the game?

We plan to release editor for registered players where it is possible to create adventures from existing and also from new graphics and create whole new worlds - If you have some other ideas, feel free to write it to our forum or email us.

What units will be available and do you get them straightaway or do you have to earn them?

Player gains control of 1 character designed by our abilities/skills/perks system. We don't intend to create party of more characters in the moment.

AI: What type of enemies do we expect to see and how intelligent are they?

The enemies are several basic AI types: melee, ranged, support/magic. Their IQ is going to be scripted, at the moment there is only basic AI for ranged and melee creatures.

Will we see weather effects and day to night changes and what technologies do you use to create these in the game?

Yes, this is of course implemented already. To reach weather effects we use combination of ambient light, dynamic lights, engine particle systems - so is implemented rain at different intensities, snow, storm, dynamic night/day change etc.

Will there be a console version released, and if so will it be different from the PC version?

We are solving this problem, therefore I don't know whether there will be a console version also. But if there will, it will be slightly changed as we are memory limited on the console.

The game, will it be set in a fantasy world or in a real world?

The game is set in the fantasy world of Rywennia - our own designed world - in Corwenth Kingdom.

When can we expect to see a game demo?

If we will release public demo-version, it will be released about April of the next year.

Finally, would you like to add anything that we may have missed out?

I would like to thank you guys for all your opinions, ideas and emails you have sent to us and will send us. We will consider all your ideas, comments or anything else that you write to us or to forum.

Thanks for your time, and we can't wait to play Kult!