Available : TBA

Tito: The Bouncing Alien © Dimsdale and Kreozot
Previewed by Maarten B.

The developers are still looking for a publisher, meanwhile check Gamer's Hell exclusive demo here.

I have been following the development of Tito: The Bouncing Alien for a while. When I first heard about it I thought “Oh god, not another cute little alien” (I still have bad dreams those awful teletubbies). When I first saw Tito I said to myself: “Right, ok well he looks kind of ok. Not really my thing, but what the hell.” Then as time passed our cute little bouncing alien got some attitude, not to mention one hot little female alien girlfriend in a skimpy dress.

The developers Dimsdale and Kreozot are veterans in the business. Not to mention pretty damn funny guys. I always enjoy conversing with them about the game and was happily surprised to find that Christmas had come early this year with a 6 level beta build of Tito’s first adventure. The hot girlfriend I mentioned before has been kidnapped by, believe it or not, an evil zombie pirate king (hmmm didn’t I hear that before somewhere?). And they are keeping her hostage somewhere. Now our hero, the spunky purple haired alien Tito gets his UFO and sets out to find her. While flying somewhere over the pirate planet, a pesky little cannonball hits Tito’s ship and crash-lands him on the island. And here is where the fun begins.

For some unknown reason Tito is surrounded by a large bubble that makes him bounce. Logic would dictate that he can't stand our crappy atmosphere and that he has to be some sort of alien bubble boy over here.

Anyways back to the game. As I said you bounce. But just bouncing would make for a boring game, so we add a slow forward scrolling screen, some pirate loot in the form of coins and diamonds, and of course various enemies. The enemies range from simple pirates with clubs trying to beat the beejezus out of you to pirate captains shouting profanities at you. Clearly earth wasn’t very bouncing purple alien tolerant back then. All right, back to the enemies. Besides the two enemies I mentioned before there are several others to watch out for; zombie pirates and kamikaze pirates will also be frequently appearing in the game.

The actual gameplay is a lot of fun; basically you have to bounce your way trough the level picking up as much loot as possible while avoiding lethal death traps and the enemies that stalk you every step of the way. With any normal platformer Tito’s gameplay would be considered easy as pie. But due to the fact that you bounce around it’s pretty hard to time each jump at first. After playing for a while you develop a feeling for it so then the real fun begins. Currently the gameplay is still a little slow at time. The camera moves forward revealing new pieces to jump on. You can boost your speed (and the speed in which the camera moves) by using your turbo power, which can be collected throughout the level. Unlike in some platformers you can’t kill the enemies by jumping on top of them or whatever. Going around them or jumping over them is the best way to go.

Also, the game is full of jokes and pranks. And that’s one of the main reasons it’s so great. The whole slapstick comedy genre not seen since the silly antics of the Three Stooges game on the Amiga. In the 6-level beta we played there are only a couple implemented, (lady in the shower. The shark that chases the pirate etc) but the developers assured us that there would be many more.

Graphics wise the game is pretty decent. Don’t expect Doom 3, but hell, not everyone can afford the time and money to either make such an engine or buy one. The cartoon style graphics fit perfectly with the genre and really make the game stand out. Tito’s 3d models are pretty basic. Not sporting to many fancy polygons but still looking nice enough. The good thing about the semi-good graphics is that the performance of the game is nice on older systems as well.

Sound wise the game is great; the pirate tunes fit perfectly with the gameplay and really get you in the mood. The voice acting of the pirates is done by the two developers themselves and we can exclusively reveal that one of the developers little girl did Tito’s funny little voice (his bubble must be hooked up on helium).

Overall Tito, well to put it plainly, ROCKS. Solid gameplay is the key word in this game. And it can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Let's hope an investor or a publisher comes forward soon so the two men can finish this little gem.