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Interviewed by Matthew_P

Recently we've had a chance to catch up with the guys behind The Third Reich mod for Unreal Tournament and bug them with a bunch of mostly senseless questions. Enjoy!

When and how did you come up with the idea to start work on the mod?

When, well it was about 2 years ago when Spunge and I got together to talk about the mod scene for UT, we were (and are) hardcore UT fans. At the time there wasn’t any talk or hype about ww2 games, and it really fascinated us. So we decided to go in that direction. As time flew by there seemed to be a ‘boom’ in the ww2 area in the games, either people all started to have the same idea, or people where inspired by movies as Saving Private Ryan and Enemy at the gates.

How many people were originally involved, and who is the team behind the game?

Over the two years you meet a lot of people, and off course a lot of people have shown interest in the mod and decided to join to help us out, but they soon realised that it’s a rather big responsibility and some of them couldn’t handle that. The people who contributed something to the mod during this process are credited in our credits.
The team behind the game is just that, a team (again you can find the names in credits, or our site) Over the past 6 months we’ve worked on the mod with the same people and that really creates a bond, we know each other very well, we know what to expect of someone, and this really makes the production go faster. And most important its not only strictly business we’re doing this for the sheer fun of making a mod, and the irc sometimes proves that :p

What do you feel you personally brought to the project?

Well I am the guy who gives the mod an image, trying to ‘sell’ the game to potential new team members was my first priority in the beginning. So the result of that work you can see in our mod, and our team members list. When we had a really solid team, it was time to do the same, ‘sell’ the mod but now to the general public. It wasn’t always easy but still we’ve pulled through and the end result is here.

What inspired you to try to create the WWII Era within UT, can you elaborate on TTR plot a bit?

Well there was this big gap in the mod community around ww2 themed games. There where plenty of anti-terrorism games but not enough ww2 games that really simulated how it really was. Now I’m not saying that The Third Reich is the ww2 realism mod out there, but I do think that its more realistic then any ww2 game I’ve played. The ut version doesn’t really have a plot, basically its ment to give you a realistic intense online game experience.

Why did you choose UT as the engine to create your mod

Well as you might know by now, I’m an avid UT player and the engine is still capable of showing off some great eye-candy.

How long did the mod take to develop, do you feel it is as it should or more work and releases should be expected?

The mod from start t’ill today took about 2 years, the actual development 1 year and a half. We are going to update the initial release with a second one, containing more maps, weapons and fixes. After that it depends on the feedback of the community if we will continue to support the UT version or not.

What was the biggest problem the team came across when designing the mod?

I don’t think there where really big problems during the development, perhaps the skins of the player models, it took some time and redoing but the end result is rather good in my opinion.

What aspect of third reich (the game) are you most pleased with?

Well for me it’s the realism of the game and how it blends in quite nicely in our maps. The gameplay isn’t groundbreaking but very enjoyable, and the use of ironsights brings out a whole new level of realism (also featured in the ut mod: infiltration)

What are the advantages of designing a mod for UT?

Well back then the engine really was top notch, and it is now showing its age due to the release of the next generation of the engine. However I still think the engine can raise some eye browses if you tweak the engine a bit. The biggest advantage now is that there aren’t really much UT mods still in development at the moment, however there is still a rather large fanbase for it.

When will the mod be released for UT2003?

Its to soon to say really, keep checking the site I’d say.

Theres is supposidly a lack of servers for the mod, and some people are pleading with jolt for them to open some public servers, is there any other place to play?

Well at day one we noticed that servers could prove to be a problem so we pleaded to jolt for a solution, but the day after the release I noticed 8 servers running, they probably weren’t all dedicated ones but it was enough to support up to 8 players max in a game without to much lag. Hopefully we can get that to 16 with the dedicated jolt server.

Closing, anything else you would like to add?

Well give The Third Reich a try, hope you will like it. If you are having problems with running The Third Reich we have now set up a support forum on our forums where you can get some assistance, but read before you post its likely that somebody posted a similar problem before.