Available : Q3, 2003.

The Entente: World War I Battlefields © Buka / Lesta Studio
Previewed by 'crackie'

The scene is set for an epic battle when this title flies off the press from Buka Entertainment. The story unwinds itself in Europe during the first world war between 1914 and 1918. Here you can choose to play as either Part of the Russian Federation, the British, French or the mighty German Reich to name just a few. This title is still a long way from completion since its only due in Q3 of 2003 but we at Gamer's Hell were fortunate enough to have a sneak peak at this early pre-Alpha build of this title.

Resources are found in the normal manner of harvesting crops, mining gold, iron and oil. But lets get into the nitty gritty of this whole title, its all about the battles huh ? Well from what I've experienced while playing this title was that there is a very high military hierarchy the foot soldiers come in different varieties such as normal soldiers, special soldiers and horse mounted soldiers then you have your mine throwers for special covert operations, I especially liked this unit for its diverse power. You also have full command over all other units of 'mass destruction' such as aircraft and ground based vehicles and tanks. The aircraft are beautifully rendered to give life like appearance, you can choose from heavy aircraft such as the Junkers J1 Bomber or a lighter more versatile plane such as the Fokker DR1 or Farman MR1. Control of these aircraft still seem limited in the title I played, but it will certainly be fully implemented in the final to give you a wider variety of attacking mechanisms to do battle with. Another feature I liked a lot was the fact that you can have up to 10000 units playing in a single game, another novelty is that they don't stand around and do nothing when you're not using them, they will go and do something constructive while you're busy controlling other units in battle. This game has a blend of Sid Meyers CIV series and the old fashioned Colonization but nothing like it in another sense of the word. It's truly a nice concept the developers have with this title. The Entente also supports LAN and Internet play, adding to the multiplayer aspects of this title. For the single player modes, you will be able to play the campaigns, or select a quick battle, or if you're in a hurry you could just let the computer decide for you by choosing a random map.

After a few minor hiccups at the start we finally got this game up and running and it was time to burn the midnight oil. I started off playing as part of the Russian Federation against the Germans. I was mesmerized by the luscious 3D terrain where I had to start off my own settlement to fight the evil Germans. This RTS looks very promising from the outset with much time spent on detail. The game follows the usual pattern of building ones base and making it self sufficient with aspects such as military, economy and social development to name just a few.

The graphics were good, but I think there is still a lot of room for improvement and optimization for the newer 3D accelerators such as the Geforce's and such but as time goes on I'm sure that will be taken into effect. After hours of play I've realized that there is a lot more to this game than just the eye meets, you will definitely be left wanting more. If the developers follow the right path in developing this title it will certainly be one of the titles to look out for in the third quarter of 2003. Maybe even add it to your wishlist for Santa Claus, who knows ? Read our interview with game's developers for more information...