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By:Digital Illusions / EA

Interviewed by Tommy Lovrekovic

Our own Tommy has managed to sit down and have a brief conversation with Stefan Vulkanovic of Digital Illusions about Battlefield 1942 and some of their upcoming projects, as well as some rather funny questions. Read on for some exclusive scoops!

Can you introduce yourself to readers of Gamer's Hell?

My name is Stefan Vukanovic and i am the Lead Artist of Battlefield 1942

Can you give us some exclusive, "hot" information about Dice's new products?

What i can tell you at this stage is that we are working on a Expansion pack for BF1942, it's a Italian campaign with new soldiers, weapons, vehicles and new levels. (We've just received official information that the name of the expansion pack will be Road to Rome - Editor.). We are also working on patches to make BF1942 a smoother and better game.

I still remember Codename: Eagle. It was a revolutionary game and one of my favourites even today. Do you and your company have plans for future sequels (Codename Eagle 2)?

There is a small but faithful group of people playing CE, most people playing games don't even know what CE is so it's not a very big "brand" outside the CE community. We will see what happens in the future it's not impossible that there will be a CE sequel.

Can we expect project similar to Battlefield 1942 or Codename: Eagle?

Can't tell you much about this yet, sorry about that.

Can you provide us with tickets for game events like E3? :)


Do you have a girlfriend :) ?


What's your favourite game ever?

Hmm. hard to say but i am a big fan of the first two Monkey Island games, the best multiplayer game must be Counter Strike, except for BF1942 and Codename Eagle of course ; )

There are a lot vehicles in these two games (BF 1942 and CE). Are you planing to create a game in which player can shoot, fight, play only from vehicles (a lot of vehicles)?

Can't tell you much about this yet, sorry about that again.

Can you promise us a lot of multiplayer fun like BF 1942 in future?

I sure can promise you that!