Available: Q4, 2003
By:Carbon 6 Entertainment

Interviewed by by Matthew_P

After seeing a successful relaunch of Carbon6 Entertainment's website, and the first public announcements coming about American McGee's OZ, we've managed to steal some of American McGee's valuable time by politely kidnapping him from his office and asking him some questions about the game (read – interrogating him). As you will see he was still rather secretive about OZ, no matter the amount of pressure applied, but we did manage to get a good deal of information about the game. Chinese did invent some pretty useful tortures after all!

Can you give us a brief history of your involvement in games development through your life?

not much time for interviews these days... going to keep this short and sweet. Biography.

How much did you learn about games design with ID, and do you think your time there has helped you to develop a more sophisticated attitude to games design?

my time there was certainly valuable to me. it was like boot camp for game production.

Did you achieve all of your personal goals with Alice? If so have you tried to 'up the bar' for OZ?

alice is something that everyone who worked on it should be proud of. personally i am very pleased with it, although i can always find aspects of it that i wish had been done differently. with oz i'm taking the lessons learned on alice and applying them to (hopefully) create a better game.

Very little is known about OZ. Can you give us Carbon6s reasons for keeping most of the details about the game 'Under-Wraps'?

we're only a couple of months into production at this point. releasing more information would be a disservice to the game and to it's potential audience.

What is the timeline of the game, in relation to the OZ novels?

it takes place before the adventures told of in the books.

Will the game be in the style of alice, but applied to the OZ world?

oz will have a unique art style all its own. the gameplay will be similar in some respects (3rd person action/adventure) but improved upon in areas such as level of difficulty and types of puzzles.

Will the plot of the game follow a specific book, or will it be an entirely new story?

entirely new story.

Which has been your favorite character to develop and why?

can't say just yet.

Which part of OZ have you most enjoyed recreating in the game?

again, can't say just yet. we've just started.

How close are you to completing the game?

at least a year away from being done.

Why OZ? Were you interested in the books/world before you began work on the game?

i've always had an interest in children's fairytales and the darker side of those sorts of stories. oz popped into my head when i first thought of alice but the timing was wrong... alice was in the public domain at the time, oz was not. it is now.

Will you be creating characters for the game, of sticking to those within the books?

both. we're creating new characters and using some from the books.

Tell us why people should buy the game... and not any other title on the market?

not telling just yet. keep buying other titles for now. :)

Can you give us here at Gamer's Hell a scoop about the game, or any exclusive information?

nope. too early. check back in six months.

Thanks very much for your time, anything else you would like to tell us?

that's it. take care,