Available: Q4 2003/Q1 2004
By:Fusion Software

Interviewed by by Safwat "Helium02"

Recent observations showed that in 20 years from now a huge asteroid may collide with planet Earth. That brings us back to "Armageddon" with Bruce Willis and paves the way for "Revolt", the game with the worst scenario Earth could ever face. "Revolt" takes us 20 years later when chaos rules over scorched Earth, and you (with help of unusual friends) will try to bring peace and freedom back to Earth. We've also got some first exclusive artworks and sketches from the game.

Hello, please introduce yourself, the company you work for and your role in the development process.

Hi! I’m Tomislav Lovrekovic, member of Fusion Software, a young and ambicious Serbian development team. Together with my friend and CEO of the company, Jan Nemecek, I made the original Revolt concept and idea. Fusion Software was founded in March 2001 by Jan Nemecek, pioneer of Serbian gaming scene.

Tell our readers about the developer. What games has he developed in the past and what projects does he hope to have accomplished in the future? Does the developer work with a specific publisher?

Fusion Software is relatively young developer team. Our first big project is Revolt: Theory of Revolution, but we already made a few smaller, non-comercial games which aren’t so imporant for us, but they are part of our history. Fusion Software is still searching for some programmers and graphic talents, but we also continue with our hard work. About plans for future, we see Revolt in six different parts. I will just mention story of second part: there is water all over the world, and there exist only a few small islands, while the player takes the role of pirate.

Introduce the game "Revolt" to the readers. What's the story line behind it? How did you come to a decision to develop such a game? Was the story line influenced by other games, movies or even books (e.g. Armageddon)?

Well, prepare yourself for a long answer :) . The game story is set in year 2020, just one year after an asteroid crashed into Earth. Player controls a Revolt, resistance union which should make a revolution and destroy military government. Electrical sources were destroyed, but military rebuilt them again and took over the world's governments. However there was also primitive life and deadly virus on the asteroid, which quickly went around the world. Now there exist 8 island-countries and all of them are different and interesting in their own ways. Game is a mixture of a few genres and you may do over 100 different things. Sometimes, powerful nations will pay you to free their prisoners. I will describe one private party. Of course, player isn’t invited, but he may kill a guard, or just steal a ticket. There are a lot of solutions for everything. Then, inside, he may start a fire and lock the door, poison his targets, put a bomb or do a lot of other actions. Can you see on what I’m thinking when I say “totally free choice”? We even didn’t watch Armageddon, but we heard about it and we will make a much more interesting and better scenario. For example, in Revolt exist eight island-countries and each of them has its own problem. In Betherland (today's Scandinavia) three different fractions are fighting for control of the country, people die from CPY (deadly virus) and radiation, and pollution produces mutants. But on the other side, Betherland produces vaccines and secret military technology.

How would you define this game? Is it a tactical or strategy game? What game elements have you added to this title?

I already said that this game is mixture of different genres. Basically, it is a tactical game with totally free choice and movement, with FPS and RPG elements. You have to fight and control all of your characters, but you also must worry about team morale, their discipline, money income, and control your own secret service! You may have your man inside a regime, which is also very interesting. Player will be able to fight in a few different ways. If he wants, he can put bombs in cities, kidnap important people, send a virus in letters, blackmail. He also can do it in “silent, spy way” (listen to their phone calls, mining their cars), or he can just kill everything that moves (hardest way).

Tell us about the graphic aspect of the game. What engine was used in the development process? Was it used before? Is the game going to be highly detailed and will the gamer be able to interact with any object that comes into sight?

In this moment, we can promise great graphic and nothing more. I must keep my mouth closed and I must not speak about graphic engine. Maybe second time:) . Interactivity will be the highlight and very important in game.

Does the gamer have the option to choose any character he wants? What characters are going to be in this game? How does every character differ from the other? Tell us about the "special" abilities each character has.

No, player must control all characters. There will be 8 characters, all with different abilities and personal quests. Leader of resistance, Lovra is former special agent who escaped from most secure prison in the world. He want to bring peace & freedom to whole planet, but also to make a virtual computer network (did you watch Matrix :) ?). His special abilities are all ways of fighting, hacking, and he is the right choice for almost suicide one-man missions.

How many missions are there going to be? Is there going to be a campaign in this game? What is the goal or the aim the gamer will have to achieve in the end?

There will not be a strict missions. Player select actions and targets at his own. You finish game when you take a control over the government.

Does the gamer have the ability to choose the smartness of the enemy? Or the difficulty of the game?

Well, we're still undecided on the difficulty of the game, but we've invent a “Develop Abilities System” (DAS). Do you want an example? OK! We will speak about generals in this game. New generals will be just beginners which are pretty stupid, but they want blood, so they will send helicopters and the whole army on you. They love their carrier, so generals should do their best to stop you. Some old, but generals with a lot experience will set you ambushes. I hope that you understand me.

What weapons and vehicles are available in the game? Are there going to be "Nano-age" style weapons according to the period of time? Give us an example of the most imaginative weapon and vehicle.

We can promise about 20 different vehicles and same number of weapon. You can expect machine guns, but we will make a some new weapons, like “braingun” which destroy enemies brain in twenty days. Some of the weapons will be upgraded to vehicles, and I think that players will love it.

What options of gaming does "Revolt" offer? Will it be playable on-line? How will it be played? And what is the maximum number of players in each game?

Except single player, we will probably offer a standard multiplayer game option (LAN and over Internet), but we aren’t sure yet. That’s a pretty big trouble for us, so chances are 70% (just singleplayer mode): 30% (both). But we will give our best to make a cooperative mode, which is also very hard, but it is one of my biggest wishes.

When is the game scheduled to be released? Are you planning to release a demo version of it? And what are your expectations of "Revolt"?

You will be able to play Revolt probably sometimes around next New Year (between 2003. and 2004). If we give our best, Revolt will make a great success. In anyway, that’s game of great potential. Everything else depends from us.

Where will this game hit first? In the European market or in the US? How will the two versions differ?

We've still got no publisher, but we will concentrate on European market first and European version will have some advantages of getting the game first. But, US gamers, don’t worry! In both cases, players will spend hours and hours playing Revolt (if they don’t put Revolt in their trash bin).

If somebody offered you $100.000 to change Revolt idea, would you accept the offer?

I like money, but I must think this way: “Ok, If I got $100.000 I will have to erase all my ideas, my dream and to forget on it. I will really produce some game, but where is the sense? If I say no, it will be pretty hard. Maybe we will go bankrupt, maybe we won't have a great success, but at least I will keep my dream alive and I will fight to the end :D “. So, If we succeed, gamers will see something new. And that is a sense of Revolt.

What are the minimum requirements of hardware and software to have this game installed properly on my PC? Do you recommend any extra hardware in order to have "Revolt" unforgettable?

We aren’t sure yet. But we will try to make games for all respectable configurations. Revolt would be unforgettable experience in anyway, before or later. It’s just a matter of time, but extra hardware will make impressions even stronger!

Concluding. Is there any thing else you would like to add?

We said everything we have to. Now is time that gamers speak. Oh, yeah! I recommend you to visit our web-site (http://www.dotportal.net) and send your suggestions about Revolt and other stuff! Currently, we are changing web design, but it will be finished around December 12th. Thanks you for great questions!