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Knight Rider © Davilex / Koch Media
Interview by Matthew P.

Ahoy! Could you introduce yourself, and tell us a little about the game?

[Edwin van Dessel] My name is Edwin van Dessel and I was the project manager of Knight Rider. Knight Rider is a driving action-adventure game that takes you back to the famous TV-series from the 80’s. Knight Rider offers you the opportunity to drive the futuristic super car that has been every boy’s dream since the series first appeared on television.

Knight Rider. The very name of it means a lot to people, does the game do the TV show justice?

[Edwin van Dessel] It sure does. Knight Rider – The Game has successfully managed to capture the look&feel, the characters (with KITT playing the starring role), the surroundings and the story line of the original series. This nostalgic trip starts with the so recognizable tune and intro-movie from the series (the intro-movie, by the way, has been build and rendered completely by us. We did not use any of the original footage from the series as a lot of reviewers assume).

What is the main aim of the game?

[Edwin van Dessel] To offer the player the chance to drive around with KITT and experience a real Knight Rider-adventure

Does the plot feature Michael and KITT's arch-enemy combo of 'KARR & Garth'?

[Edwin van Dessel] Yes, all the characters are featured in the game, from Devon and Bonnie to Garth, KARR and Goliath. It is your job as a player to save the world from the evil claws of Garth

Can we expect to see some kind of CGI 'David Hasselhoff' during the game?

[Edwin van Dessel] You will see him in several cutscenes, either in full person or as 'talking heads' next to the subtitles.

Who is the game aimed at?

[Edwin van Dessel] The game is aimed at a very broad audience. Of course it’s aimed at fans of the original series, but the younger generation has of course also heard of Knight Rider, who hasn’t? The storyline and especially KITT and all his features make this game interesting to anybody who is into driving action-adventure games

Why do you think our readers should buy the game, and not another title?

[Edwin van Dessel] Knight Rider is a fun driving action-adventure game that will bring you a great dose of nostalgia and of course plenty of enjoyable gaming hours!

Which part of writing the game have you had the most fun with?

[Edwin van Dessel] That’s a difficult choice to make! There are a lot of elements, from coming up with a Knight Rider kind of story, implementing all the features and gadgets of KITT, implementing the in-game movie-like cameras, etc., etc. As I said, too much to just pick one single thing!

What do you feel you have personally brought to the game?

[Edwin van Dessel] That is always a tough question for a project manager to answer. You try to bring structure and organisation in the chaos every game-project is by nature. And looking at the fact that we were able to meet our (tight) deadlines, you could say that we were successful!

What was the biggest problem the development team came across when creating the game?

[Edwin van Dessel] As always: time. We had and still have so many more ideas that would have been fun to implement in the game, but unfortunately...

Anything you would like to add?

[Edwin van Dessel] Just that we hope that people realise that it’s time to fight for the innocent, the helpless and the powerless in a world of criminals who operate above the law!