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Kings Quest II Remake © Tierra Entertainment
Interviewed by Matthew P.

Could you tell our readers who you are, and a little information about the Kings Quest remake please?

To summarize Tierra's members: we're a group of adventure game fans who wanted to see some new life breathed back into the dying genre. Since the VGA point and click Sierra games of the early-mid 90's were arguably the most popular adventure games of all time (and also due to the fact that Sierra still had some old EGA parser-based games that never received a VGA conversion), we figured what better way to make an adventure game and get people's attention than to remake some of the best games of all time.

King's Quest 1 seemed like a good choice to begin with since it was a fairly simple game which essentially involved locating and picking up objects plus a few other puzzle types. KQ1 was also a fairly small game by adventure game standards. Thus, KQ1VGA was a stepping stone to learning more about making games. We expanded upon what we'd learnt when creating KQ2VGA and have learnt a great deal more after completing it. Hopefully, we're now at a point where we can remake something a bit more complex... such as QFG2.

Everyone knows Kings Quests and many of our readers have probably bought the original game - Why a remake?

There are several reasons. Firstly, as mentioned above, we thought that by remaking the first really well-known adventure game of all time, we¬¬†would get people's attention and cause them notice the adventure game genre once more. Secondly, to gain experience making games.
Thirdly, we feel that the old EGA games deserve remakes. Sierra couldn't usually afford to do remakes of their existing parser games as they apparently weren't big sellers -- however, this makes such games ideal for fan-based, non-profit groups, since these games are just as good as they were when they were originally released, but are now much cheaper to produce.

Who did you code the game for, who kept you going?

Primarily, it was for ourselves and because we wanted to do it. I think that's the only thing that can really keep a person motivated at working on a non-profit project.¬¬† We all have a similar vision of keeping the adventure gaming genre alive, and seeing progress in this mission gives us the momentum to keep working and continue to be motivated.

Is the game REALLY in VGA!?

Yes! Wait, no! Well, kind of.¬¬† It's in SVGA.

Have you ever thought about a script interpreter for Sierra games like scummVM for Lucasarts games?

No.¬¬† AGS has met our needs quite perfectly.¬¬† We are very loyal to the AGS engine and its creator, Chris Jones.

How close to the original is the remake, which are the tidbits you’re most proud of and what you feel is missing still?

Basically, the skeletal outline of the game is very similar to the original--guy sees girl, guy searches for girl, guy ultimately falls in love and marries girl.¬¬† But, the details in between are quite different.¬¬† Some of the puzzles and characters, as well as landscapes were found in the original, but new characters, new areas, new puzzles and many more details were added.¬¬† The storyline has been fleshed out to include much greater depth and logic;¬¬†basically, everything has a reason in this game.¬¬† So overall, the game is a tribute to the original King's Quest II, but is almost like playing an entirely original game.

How much did you enjoy the original games and why did you choose Kings Quest over all Sierra adventures?

Like a classic novel that has changed someone's life from youth through adulthood, the King's Quest series, along with other Sierra games, were greatly enjoyed by and influenced everyone on the team.¬¬† The reason chose King's Quest over the other adventures at this point in time, is because we wanted to learn the basics of game making, and King's Quest I seemed to be one of the more simple games, as it was created earlier than the others.

What are your future plans for the Kings Quest series of games?

Right now, we're concentrating on what we have in front of us, which is already a full plate.

What's current status of your future projects, anything in beta test yet?

We've got some secrets up our sleeve.¬¬†As for beta testing, not right now.

Anything you would like to add?

Thanks everyone for your support and playing our games!