Available : Q3 2003
Journey to the Center of the Earth © Frogwares
Interviewed by Matthew Patterson

Ahoy! Could you introduce yourself, and tell us a little about the game?

Frogwares LTD is independent developer, based in France, Ireland and Ukraine (development branch). We released our first adventure game (The mystery of the mummy. Sherlock Holmes...) in November 2002.

“Journey to the Center of the Earth” is third person, mouse driven adventure game.
Main features of the game:
- Original Frogwares Technology
- 25-30 h of gameplay
- 30 characters to meet.
- 6 fantastic levels of the game:
- 30-40 high quality cut scenes and animation movies

I will tell you beginning of the story:
Ariane, a young photographer, working for a big travel magazine, takes pictures from a bird's-eye view of Iceland. The helicopter lands on a plateau of volcano Snaefell. Suddenly rock fell down and smash helicopter. Ariane is blocked and tries to find the way. She sees only a small cave. After taking two steps she slides and lands in a torrent that plunges into the crack in the earth. Arian is carried away with the stream, she faints. She comes to her senses lying on a beach, in the "Centre of the Earth".

She will discover a lost world where two civilizations, once very developed, are striving to survive. This incredibly beautiful universe hides a terrible secrete which Ariane will discover very soon...

Do you read Jules Verne? - Do you think this game can do his fantastic work justice?

Sure, it is one of my favourite authors. His books are just filled up incredible idea, inventions. I wish we could make an adventure game for every “oeuvre” he has done. However, I want to mention that we are not translating his book onto new media. We use only idea that there is something down there. We completely invented our storyline; however some locations will be similar. Action will take place in our time but from time to time we will refer to first expedition described by Jules Verne.

Which part of writing 'journey' has been the most fun so far?
Most fun is in making the game, in my opinion, not in writing script. I am really glad to see when designers finish new scene or location.
We are making the game on our own engine and we started this development at the same time with design of scenes. Everybody gathered to see how Ariane started walking, then talking. Finished cut scenes are also very pleasant to see.

Why did you choose the genre?

Adventures are very good games, we have a lot of fun making them.
Frogwares is well know for its high quality graphics, adventures games we like these games and have a lot of fun making them. So I do not see any reason in stopping to make them. However we would not like to limit our company to adventure games only, we have talented people experienced in RTS, who work on the project called “Delenda”

Who came up with the idea for the game?

Our team, lead by our Game designer, Aurelie Ludot. She is fond of Jules Verne. However, during discussion of game design most members suggested different thing, as a result, I can say, we have a fruit of team work. Besides, I can tell you a small secrete. We have started new adventure game inspired by Jules Verne novel “Around the World in Eighty days”.

Why do you think our readers should buy the game, and not another title?

Ha, kind of questions I am asking when interviewing new employees.
Seriously, first it is A ranked game, with very interesting storyline. Graphics of photographic quality will completely immerse you into the universe you could only dream about. Even people thinking that adventure games are not interesting will reconsider their position after seeing our game.

Who is the game aimed at?

Target audience of the game is general public. You will find no sex, violence, blood, etc. in our game.

What are the future plans for the company?

We at Frogwares are very happy hear feedback after our first game. Journey being half finished is well know gamers. Cheers of public realty encourage us to continue making quality games for broad publics. While as I have already mentioned as company grows, we start working of other games (strategy, FPS).

What is the Timeline of the game?

Amazing, but every day I receive mails with request to tell where people can buy the game. Yet, it is to be finished in August 2003, and will be released to the market in 4-5 language in fall.

Anything to add?

Just want to thank all gamers, thanks to you, guys, we keep on working. We really value you, your comments, praises, and critics. So, keep in touch. game@frogwares.com.ua