Available : TBA
Strike Force © Jolt
Interviewed by Matthew Patterson

Tell us a little about the MOD

Strike Force puts counter terrorist against terrorist in a realistic/arcade style fps. The terrorist are a group of individuals funded by Osama Bin Laden. They are located all across the world and they are working to produce biological, chemical and radiological terrorism. The Strike Force team is a elite unit of the best of the best from every military force in the world. They are a unti dispatched by the United Nations who must stop terrorism before it happens.

What special features should attract this MOD to people, over the various others?

Strike Force incorporates the "right click to aim" feature. So your alternate mouse button will pull your gun up to aim. It's not iron site based, but the weapon will actually come up to your right shoulder like you were actually firing it in real life. We will also incorporate several new team variated game types.

You guys have gained some big fans and awards in creating this MOD. How happy are the team to recieve them?

We are very happy about the reviews and awards Strike Force has recieved over the years. Our team worked very hard on Strike Force and Strike FOrce on UT2003 engine will be even better!

Why Unreal Tournament?

Well it's actually UT2003 for our new version of Strike Force. The UT2003 engine simply has the best features, graphics, code, etc out of ANY engine on the market. Epic, Digital Extremes and everyone who participated in making UT2003 have made a awesome game engine. It's very easy for any n00b or experienced team to pick up UT2003 and mod for it.

What made the team decide to develop the MOD?

We are working on Strike Force UT2003 with our partners, Jolt Company UK. The mod team is fully funded to produce commercial quality content. We are working on a demo version to hand to publishers in order to possibly make a commercial deal and do a fully based SP and MP game.

Who is the MOD aimed at?

Anyone between the ages of 18 - 35. People who enjoy team oriented fps games.

Were the team big fans of Counter-Strike?

To be honest only a few of us have played CS and that was way back when they released beta 1.0. I played more Doom, Quake & Rainbow Six series games.

What innovation does the MOD bring to the UT world?

Strike Force UT2003 will use the advanced features of the UT2003 karma engine and our code to make an outstanding real world shooter. Each mission in Strike Force will be focused on saving part of the world or the entire world from terroism. No random missions just to kill each other, instead your team will have to accomplish tasks. The Strike Force team may have to stop a terrorist group from trying to release small pox which would cause a world wide epidemic. The terrorist on the other hand will have to take down or pass the Strike Force team in order to accomplish their goals.

Anything else to tell us?

Just keep checking out our web site. We haven't released any media pictures for SF UT2003 yet but we plan to do so soon. Keep checking back as I think you'll be very surprised at our level of detail and work.