Available : Fall 2003
Lowest Price: 29.99

Law and Order II: Double or Nothing Preview © Legacy
Previewed by Burt Carver

While at E3 I had an opportunity to meet with the producer of the new game, Law and Order II: Double or Nothing. The game is a sequel of the popular first Law and Order game, and builds on the successful model. Those of you familiar with the TV series will identify with the format of the game, as the game is broken into investigative and prosecution halves.

In the game you can customize your character’s abilities, including such things as interviewing, managing a case file and beating confessions out of suspects (I made that last one up). The game revolves around one case, and the gameplay starts with you arriving at the crime scene. While the interface is not a ‘move anywhere you like’ engine, it provides enough mobility to let you look around. The interface is intuitive and, depending on the abilities you select, illustrative.

The game proceeds with clues being sent to the crime lab, and interviewing numerous people of interest. The available locations are viewable on a city map, and as you gather more facts, more locations will become available. The game incorporates all the main characters from the show and the modeling is believable. The “Law & Order” feel of the game is impeccable, right down to the signature Law & Order sound.

Fans of the franchise will likely enjoy this game immensely. Hardcore gamers need not apply unless they are in for some lighter fare. The game, in its incomplete form, is impressive and should meet or exceed peoples expectations.