Available: 28 July 2003
Developer: XXv Productions
Publisher: The Adventure Company / Dreamcatcher

Interview by: Burt Carver


With the ever-growing popularity of action and strategy games, some skeptics say that the age of adventure games is long gone. But Canadian based The Adventure Company is not about to give up that easily – its latest offering in the genre is Dark Fall, a static image adventure / puzzle game, much like the famous Myst series of titles. With the game due to hit North American market in a matter of a few days, we've had a chance to chat with one of the developers of the game, Jonathan Boakes. that works for XXv Productions. Here's the inside scoop he could give us on this title:

What is your title and what is your role on the game?

My name is Jonathan Boakes. Working for XXv Productions, London, I produced the graphic adventure game Dark Fall : The Journal.

What genre would you place Dark Fall in?

Dark Fall is a supernatural themed graphic adventure game.

Where do you see the market for Dark Fall?

Anyone who likes a good creepy ghost story will enjoy this title. Puzzle solving and ghost hunting within an English abandoned train station combine with a chilling atmosphere to provide a spooky tale of exploration and adventure.

How long has the game been in development?

Dark Fall : The Journal was produced by myself, over an 18 month period.

From the screenshots I am anticipating that this would fall into the same category as the Silent Hill franchise. Is this correct and if not, what other title does Dark Fall most closely parallel?

Dark Fall is similar in mood to the Silent Hill games, but is closer (in terms of gameplay) to games such as Riven, Amber : Journeys Beyond and other classic adventure titles.

What are the anticipated minimum system requirements for Dark Fall?

Windows® 95/98/2000/ME/XP
Pentium® 233
32MB Ram (64MB Recommended)
24x CD ROM Drive (or PC DVD Drive)
SVGA Capable Video Card 32 Bit Color at 640x480
Mouse, Keyboard, Speakers.

In a suspense game, often the environments are very immersive. What is the most immersive part of the game? The interaction, the graphics or the sound?

Many gamers have reported sleepless nights and a fear of looking over their shoulder after playing Dark Fall. Good solid ghost story elements are utilized to create a delicious mixture of fear and fascination. Adventurers have said that it has the most non-linear story told in an adventure game, including the subplots. Players can piece the story together at their own pace, and tackle the puzzles and enigmas in whatever order they wish. Careful attention to detail and oodles of atmosphere combine to create one of the spookiest adventure games ever made...