Available: Q4, 2003.

The Entente © Buka / Lesta Studio
Preview By: Matthew Patterson

The Governments of Great Britain and Russia having mutually engaged to respect the integrity and independence of Prussia, and sincerely desiring the preservation of order throughout that country and its peaceful development, as well as the permanent establishment of equal advantages for the trade and industry of all other nations.

Got that? The Entente is a WW1 based RTS, putting you in charge of the army of your choice. Be you a German, Russian or plain old Great Britain general, the aim of the game is (surprisingly enough) to beat your opponents, using your wits, your cunning and at times – brute force. With a non-linear mission structure that should hopefully appeal to the more historically orientated out there (and I don’t mean old people).

As this was a pre-release version with no campaign mode, just separate battles, it was a bit hard to get a good view of the overall direction of the storyline/plot. However the battles and scenarios I did get to play were very, very good. The Entente takes all the best things from Warcraft, Starcraft and the Command and Conquer series, puts them in a big barrel and shoots said barrel with the ‘World War 1’ cannon. I have to admit, from a personal point of view that this isn’t my favorite era of all time – but none the less the armoury of this period is still all there, in its full glory for you to see and to do your bidding.

So, you’ve all played Warcraft right? If not, then please feel free to become a gamer, at any time. For the more RTS savvy of you out there, you know what I'm talking about in regards of gameplay here. The main aim of the game is to build, collect, build more. When you reach the exciting ‘build more’ stage, the fun really begins. Soon, you can produce a wide variety of elite fighting units to control and destroy the opposition with. Within a few hours of play I manage to un-cover the Junker Bombers and Fokkers with my awesome German army. Possibly the best feature in this game is the scale of the battles that can take place. In the preview copy, I managed to get quite few large scale battles happening, however I quote the official Buka website when I say ‘up to 10000 units can take part in a battle from each side!”.’ – Even I was impressed with that.

The graphics in ‘The Entente’ are possibly the best point of the game. As PC specs get higher and higher, its nice to see a game that will run on low end PCs ( the minimum spec is around 266mhz). This gives more people the chance to play a new game and not spend a fortune doing just that. The units are crisply defined, representing their real-life counterparts to the most minute detail.

The sound in the game is the usual affair – explosions, cheers and the like. I cant really tell you much about the ingame music from the copy I received as well, there was none.

The game features a fully functioning multiplayer mode for up to 8 players. We managed to get a little game going within a few minutes of the staff installing the game. Suffice to say, I lost - my German ‘uber-army’ as I affectionately named them suffering under the supreme tyranny of Andreas ‘I think I am smart and good at games’ Misund Berntsen.


This was a preview copy and still had that ‘un-finished’ feel to it. However the basic game is there – and its great. The huge battles and intelligent feel to the game, within its historically accurate setting complement each other well, giving this game a good individual appearance and style. In conclusion, its fun to play and a good looking game for almost any PC.