Available : October 2003
Lowest Price: N/A

Worms 3D © Team 17 / Sega
Preview By: Kurt Knudsen

If you have ever played Worms or Scorched Earth, you know what kind of game this is. For those unfortunate people that haven’t had the ultimate pleasure of playing this kind of games, I’ll give you a little background. Worms 3D is a game where you are a worm, go figure, and you are on a battlefield and must destroy your opponents before they destroy you. You get a variety of malicious weapons which make for an interesting game. The thing that sets this game apart from the others is that it is done in 3d.

The graphics in the game can best be compared to perhaps Rayman. The cartoon style graphics allow for wacky animations and interesting weapons and explosions. They look great, and I personally wouldn’t change a thing. The level that I played was an island and had all sorts of obstacles, and this is where aiming can be a problem, but luckily you can make your worm move around and jump before the turn is over.

The weapons look like, weapons. They all have their own unique models, and that sets them apart from anything you’ve seen before. They range from a sheep to a homing pigeon, to a very powerful banana bomb. You get the standard bazooka which has unlimited ammo, while the other weapons have limited ammo per team. As you progress you unlock more weapons, and from all the empty spots in the weapons select screen there are a ton of them. The explosions are great and send nearby worms flying to their doom, or to another part of the map. While destructible terrain is common in these types of games, seeing it in 3d is really amazing.

There is a lot of sound effects in the game, so there's barely any silence. The worms mouth off random things from time to time; some are taunts, while others might be their death cry. The high-pitched voices fit the worms perfectly and are almost to the point of annoying, but not quite. There isn’t any real ‘talking’ from what I’ve seen, but who has time to talk when there are worms that need to be destroyed.

The game is amazingly fun, as were its predecessors. When it is your turn you can go into 1st person view, or a blimp view. The standard view is 3rd person which helps you get an idea of your surroundings. Going into 1st person view is one of the most important aspects of this game, as it helps incredibly with aiming. The blimp person view is great for seeing where exactly worms are on the map and helps with the Air-Strike weapon.

There are about 5 worms of both red and blue on the battlefield, and you pick and choose who you want to kill. If you use a weapon that creates a big explosion, you could possibly damage 2 or more worms at once, or even better, knock them into the surrounding water. Worms can’t swim, so it is an instant death if they fall prey to the water. Although there isn’t any blood and gibbing in this game, it really isn’t needed as the huge explosions followed by the cry of a worm, more than make up for it.

The developers took what was already out there and really improved upon it. The graphics fit this game very well, and the gameplay is just as it has always been, addictive. I will definitely see myself lining up at the store to pick this one on up on October 3rd.