Available: Now (115 MB)
Developer: centauri Mod Development team

Interview by: Matthew Patterson

Global Warzone, is a MOD/total conversion for Unreal Tournament 2003. It features new game modes, levels and game types. Heres a Q+A with the Project Leader/Programmer, Sebastian aka BlackHornet

Can you introduce Global Warzone to our readers?

Global Warzone is a UT2003 total conversion. After the release of UT2003 in October 2002 we began with the development of this huge project. Like some other present mods Global Warzone puts a focus on team-based gameplay, but we also want a decent game which is fun to play despite of the realism.

Fill us in on the story

The Mod is set in the time during the 3rd World War around 2050. The persisting lack of resources drives the world's governments against each other, making them fight for the last oil reservoirs on our planet. Three big organizations emerge from this conflict, which try to gain world wide hegemony for themselves. On the one side there is the North American Corporation, an alliance between the USA and Canada, which has got the best-equipped army of the world. The second group is the soldier unit ENAU, which is sponsored by Sonical Industries. It consists of well trained, strong fighters from Europe and North Africa. The 3rd group is a direct successor of the Jakuza syndicate of the 20th century, which spread all over East Asia, which gives it the name East Asian Alliance.

Whats the aim of the game?

We intend to make a tactical shooter, which does not only have a high grade of realism, but also a lot of action - by doing that, we can merge the deathmatch style of UT2003 and the more realistic gameplay of a game like Raven Shield.

How do you achieve this?

We try to strengthen the teamplay oriented part with the missions, level design, and weapons balancing. Despite of this, finding the "golden middle" between realism and action is very hard to achieve. The game should not be too slow, which would put a strong stress on realism, but on the other hand, it should not be a too fast paced gameplay, which would end in a senseless deathmatch. Furthermore, the weapons balancing is a very important indicator whether a game is realistic or not. If you need 1-2 shots to kill someone, that would be quite realistic, but it would lack a lot of action, otherwise you need a whole salvo of shots to kill one in UT2003.

Game speed and weapons balancing or the most important factors to
1. Strengthen teamplay
2. Realize a tactic shooter

What games inspired the DEV's to create it?

Global Warzone emerged from the ideas of the individual team members. So that makes up a mix of many different games and imaginations. Just to name a few games which were inspiring : Counter-Strike, Strike Force, Urban Terror, Rogue Spear and a lot more. Listing all of them games which had an influence on the original idea of Global Warzone would be too much here, i think the most important were named.
All these games are in some way models,inspirations for us, but we don't try to copy these games, but try to create something new from our own ideas and things that worked satisfactorily in earlier games - which ends up in something unique : Global Warzone.

What are a few of the best features?
- Up to 16 hit zones
- The possibility to shoot the weapon out of your enemies' hands
- Stationary weapons like gatling, mortar, rocket launcher, sonic wave emitter
- Map-specific music themes, and you can import your own music files as well
- Multiple light sources project their individual shadows
- Lens Flare

Why the Unreal engine?

When we started to plan the mod, the UT2003 engine was the best available to mod developers. Quake 3 wasn't state of the art no more, and till the source engine of HL2 would be released, it would have taken at least one year, because we started planning our mod in may 2002 and the development began in october 2002.

Can you tell us a few of the game types?

Bombing is a quite interesting game type of the ones implemented so far - we achieved in making the old defuse system, which is used in counter-strike,a lot more interesting. You have to choose between three different cables, and of course, you have to cut the right one to defuse the bomb. By examining the bomb, you can exclude wrong cables which is indicated by a status bar.

Another game type, which is not implemented yet, is named Hunter Hunted. It is a some kind of team deathmatch for three teams, whereas one team is hunted - but at the same time, you are hunted by another team. So don't you just look straight forward - your victim is not your enemy.

How do the vehicles work?

At this time vehicles are not implemented yet, but we will surely integrate them in a later version. At the moment, I can't say how the vehicles will look like and how their controls will work.

In your opinion, what are the essential elements of a great title?

It should offer something new. Counter-Strike clones are still quite popular, but that will end as soon as a new idea will be realised. We try to achieve that by introducing a third team into the tactic genre. Three teams were also used in Aliens vs. Predator, but that was a deathmatch game, whereas in our mod tactical gameplay got the main role.

How far have you gone and what would be your final result/aim?

At the moment we work on the Beta 1 of Global Warzone, which will be released by the end of the year. Our aim for the final version is to achieve everything listed in our concept. All teams have their weapons, every team has got up to 4 player models, vehicles are implemented and all important game types are finished. But that will need some more time.

Anything to add?

We create a mod for the community and would be thankful to everyone which contributes to the development. We still need experienced and talented mappers, which could make new maps for Global Warzone.