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Developer: S2Games
Publisher: iGames

Interview by: Dennis Sloutsky

The game has just shipped to stores, and we've already got a brand new interview about it, conducted with Arney Secerkadic from S2Games. Read on to find out all you need to know about Savage.

Please introduce yourself to our readers, and tell us what was your role in the development of Savage.

My name is Arney Secerkadic. I was responsible for creating the audio content for Savage. The awesome music was composed by the lead programmer, Sam McGrath!

Please briefly introduce Savage and its plot to our readers.

Savage a multi genre Multiplayer game that we've branded RTSS (Realtime Strategy Shooter). Savage is set in a unique fantasy world eons from now where Humans and Beasts battle violently for their very existence. Choose to fight on the side of Humanity, armed with science and technology, or take the side of the Beast Horde, masters of nature and magic. Each race has its own style of battle, its own leader, and its own way to victory.

Can you elaborate on the genre of the game - what does RTSS stand for, for the uneducated among us?

RTSS stands for Realtime Strategy Shooter. Savage combines elements from traditional RTS and FPS games and combines it into one out-of-this-world experience.  The commander plays the traditional RTS role, while his troops fight in their choice of first or third person perspectives.

What are the two 'opposing forces' in the game? Tell us a little about both of them... What makes each one unique?

You have the option of playing as the Beasts or Humans.  Humans rely on the elements of science to build their technology.  Their weapon set is more of what you'd imagine nomadic humans of a distant future to be using.  From primitive bows and crossbows to pulse cannons that discharge high powered bolts of electricity.  The Beast race relies on magic derived from nature (earth, wind & fire). You'll find yourself with an array of weapons utilizing the elements of nature, from frost bolts to thunder.

Tell us more about the Commander. What role does he play, how does he view the battlefield and what's so special about him anyway?

The Commander is essential to your team's success.  He researches technologies, gathers resources, constructs buildings, promotes officers, and much more!  Without him, you and your team are doomed.
Treat the Commander respectfully and your team will benefit greatly. The commander plays in your typical isometric RTS view, which you can rotate, zoom in/out of.

Here's a tough one.... What if you have an unable / inexperienced commander on your team... Are the rest of the teammates able to kick / switch him?

New Commanders should take note from more experienced ones, take some time to learn the tech tree and how each plays a role. Your team does have the ability to "impeach" the Commander, whether he's unable, inexperienced or simply incompetent.

What can you tell us about the different types of Warriors for each side?

Each race has 5 units, You have access to 3 Warrior classes, Light, Medium and Heavy, and 2 Siege units which are used to take out structures.  The siege units are unique for each race. The Humans use heavy Catapults and Ballistas, while the Beasts have specialized animals, one of which is a 30-something foot Mammoth like creature. Look out for him :)

In a game like Savage, communication between Warriors and Commanders should be crucial. What did you guys do in order to simplify the players' life when it comes to communication?

In order to simplify communication, we've included a large number of useful voice macros.  From simple requests for weapons/resources, to battlefield orders.  The Commander also has the option of promoting players he sees fit to officers.  Officers can give out orders in the battlefield and can heal players that surround him.

Tell us a little about the weapons, items and spells that players will get to use in the game. How could one obtain them?

Each race has a unique set of weapons that are categorized into 4 tiers, with 3 weapons in each tier.  That is 12 unique weapons for both sides.
In addition to having access to an array of weapons, you can also purchase items to aid you.  These items vary from a land mine to a storm shield.  To compliment the set of items you have access to, the Commander also has 3 power ups at his disposal. Purchasing items requires that the commander has the item/weapon in question researched and that you have enough gold to purchase it.  Even if you do not, you can request the item from the Commander himself.

The graphics of the game look impressive, and according to what we've heard until now perform well on a wide variety of systems. What engine did you guys use for the game, and what are its shining points?

The engine, dubbed Silverback, was created from scratch.  It was created with scalability in mind and performs well on a large variety of machines. I'd say that the most shining point of the engine is that it's highly customizable straight out of the box.  Look out for an SDK in the near future!

In a great game great music is a must. What can you tell us about the music in the game?

All I can say is that Sammy, who happens to be the lead programmer as well, is one talented fella! :)

Do you have any plans to release a limited demo version / limited time trial for the game like most other online games do?

Demo is in the works as we speak.

Thanks for your time... Is there anything else you'd like to add that we didn't cover in this interview?

You're welcome :) I just want to point out that S2 Games plans on updating Savage on a routinely basis.  You can expect content updates, patches, and expansions in the future.  To all the Savage users, treat others fairly and enjoy the game.