Available: November 2003.
Developer: Crytek
Publisher: UbiSoft

Interview by: Mike "Syanide" Bryan

Far Cry is an upcoming first person shooter currently at works in German based developer Crytek. The game puts you in the shoes of a freelance mariner Jack Carver that has agreed to take a brash female reporter to a seemingly uninhibited island. Now with his boat destroyed, hunted by ruthless mercenaries, Jack has only two choices: fight to the death, or simply die. Sounds interesting? Read on for more scoop about the game.

Hello, can you please introduce yourself and your role at Crytek?

My Name is Cevat Yerli. At Management Level I am the CEO & President at Crytek. On Far Cry i serve as the Technical & Creative Director.

Will there be a mixture of tactics involved in Far Cry? For example, will some missions be more reliant on the player's quick reactions and running straight in and taking out all his foes, or will there be an element of stealth needed for some missions, such as sniping off enemies quietly, or assassinations?

Some missions will provoke / are preferable to be played with certain tactics, but in any case the player does have complete freedom to play as he wants to play.

You say the AI is advanced: what are some of the abilities of the AI? For example, do they take cover when being fired at, or do they just keeping running at you like an iron zombie, and, is the difficulty of the AI determined by the difficulty level you select, if any difficulty settings are available?

Every AI is created when the level is loaded, so they follow their duties and personal desires (to scratch his head or talk to somebody), but will react to any intrusion from the gamer, based on sensory modeling (hearing and seeing). Depending on what he saw (how much, how far etc.) or what he heard (interesting or threatening, how far?) he will decide how to pursue the gamer. And in many cases the AI will apply group-tactics (outflanking, reinforcements, cover-fire etc.) to offer you a nice and dynamic (unscripted) challenge! Oh and AIs are using Vehicles to chase you!

Will there be vehicle support in Far Cry that will enable the player to drive vehicles in the game, like in Operation Flashpoint or Battlefield 1942? If so, what vehicles will be available to the player?

See above. As for the type of vehicles goes, these are Buggy, Hummer, Inflateable Boats, Speedboats, Paragliders, Truck, Forklift... thats it. Modders can obviously create hundreds of new vehicles, its very simple!

In Far Cry, what weapons will be available to the player? Will it include any futuristic weapons, or will they be modern day real life gun equivalents?

It will be little improved weapons of modern day equivalents, but no Sci-Fi. In extreme cases we consider them as high-tech, but no sci-fi.

Does the CryEngine have much support for lower end computers, and will there be Distance fog available to increase the FPS of lower end computers?

Its min-specs are: p3-800, 256MB, GeForce3. The scalability parameters are not finalized yet, we are working on it.

Will there be a multiplayer option in Far Cry, and if so, could you tell us what modes there will be, and how many players it will support?

From MP specs it's pretty much a fact that we will have DM, TDM and a specific mode called Assault. It will support teamplay and classes. Vehicles will be part of the experience. Co-Op is not planned, but is definitely a simple MOD for upcoming Mod-Teams. We will support 32 players!

In the tech demo you released for the CryEngine, when you were using the editor at the end of the demo, did you make it LOOK easy, or is it really that easy to create your own maps?

:-) Its really that easy! A recent designer who joined our Multiplayer Team learned the Editor in three (3!) days while making his first MP Map, and it looked and played damn good!

Will you be supporting modification teams like Valve currently is with Half-Life 2? Your editor looks very simple, is this because you want to encourage modders to use the game's engine?

Absolutely. We will create a specific CryEngine MOD Community Page for all modders! Content creation for next-gen games needs to rethink the way content is generated and designed. CryEngine┬┬┤s Sandbox (the WYSIWY-Play Editor!) allows you pretty much instant and realtime content creation and game-design. You do it and you play it instantly! We think and hope that there will be hundreds of maps available quickly after Far Cry┬┬┤s shipping! In fact we will release more MODs and Maps over time ourselves!

Why do you think this is a must have for any FPS fan?

Because it's fun to die in our game. Because it's fun to replay sections. Because it's played the way you want it to be! Graphics and Physics i hope the pics, vids speak for themself!

Closing: is there anything else you would like to add?

Yes, absolutely! We would like to thank all the people we forget to thank, due to everything around us moving and proceeding so quickly. We have been working really hard, neglected friends and family and many times our fans. We obviously would like to thank everybody who had a chance to play our game, gave us huge feedback emails. We read every single fan-feedback, his desires, wishes etc. Only with your help, feedback, critics we will be able to refine Far Cry to the game you want to play!