Available: November 2003.
Developer: Brat Designs
Publisher: CDV

Interview by: Matthew Patterson

Ahoy! - Can you introduce yourself, and ‘Breed’ to our readers please?

Avast, no wait; talk like a Pirate Day is over. We’re Brat Designs and Breed is a next generation FPS that combines the best of freedom of movement with an awesome array of hardcore Science Fiction vehicles and weapons.

Can you tell us a little about the setting and plot please?

Breed is set in Earth’s far-future and the world has finally reached a kind of tenuous peace with itself, we think we’re the only ones in the Galaxy and that suits us just fine. We’ve colonized our own Solar System and in 2600 we send out more people to colonize a Binary Star System known as Besalius. Everything is going fine until the last colonist’s shuttle arrives in 2602 and suddenly the peaceful colonies find themselves under attack by a ruthless alien race – the Breed. The Earth gets a distress call and sends out a USC (United Space Corps) attack fleet, consisting of two HUGE Battleships, the Darwin and the Magellan. They engage the Breed and battle out there until 2624 when they win at a great cost to the planets and people of Besalius – the Darwin is the only ship left to return to Earth. When they get back they find however that the Earth is no longer under human control, and while they’ve been out in the colonies fighting – the Breed have made themselves a new home – our world. And the game kicks off at that point with you fighting to free the planet from the aliens.

The FPS market is fit to burst with triple A titles – what do you feel Breed does that cannot be seen in any other game on the market?

I think Breed handles the whole massive environment and vehicles better than most games, since we’ve got this whole Earth to Space feature going on which is seamless and the Mercury Engine is capable of rendering wickedly large environments allowing for some stunning ground and air dogfights.

Can you tell us a little about the different types of vehicles we could expect to play in the final version?

You’ll get your hands on the USC Falcon, the fighter that has a high turn rate and is extremely nimble. It’s packed to the teeth with weapons and attitude. The Aerospace vehicles of Breed all have VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) capability and their engines can be rotated between flight and hover modes. The Eagle Dropship with her large cargo bay and gun positions (Which can be mounted by the player). There’s a Tank with enough firepower to level a small city and an APC for you to transport soldiers across the ground. A Hummer and a smaller buggy, a SIV (Stealth Infiltration Vehicle) Scout and a couple of other surprises that you’ll get you play with.

Could you elaborate a little about the non-standard FPS gameplay in Breed? Like turret missions and such?

At times you’ll be in direct control of a vehicle and at other times you’ll sit back and watch the AI do all the hard work, while you concentrate on the blasting action. You’ll be able to swap between gunners if the vehicle has spare positions that are taken by other GRUNTS. So if you can’t shoot the Breed from one position, you can get a better shot from another – or try a different weapon.

How would you describe the Multiplayer aspect of the game, more like Tribes or UT2003?

Frenetic action that combines the best of UT2003 with the objective based gameplay of Tribes and other titles. We’re concentrating on giving the player a open space to play in and a number of vehicles to fight their battles with. There’s even going to be a map that will have the player team 1 in space and the other team on the ground.

Every great game should have a great soundtrack. What kind of music can we expect to hear in Breed?

Breed has a really atmospheric soundtrack that has some nice pieces; there are a number of great tracks that are wonderful for blasting away to. There’s also some stirring stuff that really does give a rounder picture of the whole – humanity is doomed theme. It’s not however a hardcore rock soundtrack, as we thought that wouldn’t really fit with the game.

Did the team encounter anything funny, or problematic during Breed’s development?

One of our level scripters managed to input a wrong variable into the map he was testing and it caused the Dropship to crash-land into a rock. It was pretty amusing to see everything working until that point. There are always problems, crashes and bugs that crop up but we weathered those storms and kept plugging on at it, till it was right.

Have you achieved everything you wanted within Breed, or were there some elements that were to hard to implement?

There are always things you’d like to put in, but they’re too hard or they’d require too much time to actually implement at this late stage of development. But on the whole we’re pretty happy with what we’ve done with the game.

Anything the team would like to tell the Gamer's Hell readers?

Save the Earth, have fun with the game and try your hand at Scripting – we’ve seen total Script newbies do impressive things with the game’s Scripting and if they can do it anyone can. Oh and don’t forget to search the maps for secret areas and other things, we spent a lot of time on the actual locations, in jokes and posters litter the Darwin for instance and there are a number of hidden surprises in the levels, especially on the first one Contact. Most of all though, have fun!

Thanks for your time and good luck with Breed!