Available: Now
Developer: Anarchy Enterprises
Publisher: Anarchy Enterprises
Demo: Available

Interview by: James Kinnear

Ant War is a fun new strategy game from Anarchy Enterprises, the team behind the successful sim Moon Tycoon.

I got the chance to talk to Anarchy's Bill Wallace to find out more about the game...

Hi there. Please introduce yourself and describe your role in the game's development.

My name is Bill Wallace, creative marketing director for Anarchy Enterprises.

Gamers may remember your company, Anarchy, for your sim Moon Tycoon, and more recently Deep Sea Tycoon. So what's Ant War all about then?

Ant War is a challenging sim/strategy game that you can pick-up and start playing in just five minutes. You start a brand new ant colony in the town of Spring Valley and follow one simple rule...grow! Keep growing more and more ants until finally you rule the entire town!

So how long have you been developing the game for?

We created the original Ant War web game back in 2000. This game was so popular with visitors to our website, that 6 months ago we decided to start creating Ant War the PC game.

When I first heard about this game, the concept reminded me of the sim games "Sim Ant from Maxis, and "Empire Of The Ants". In these, the player could build up ant colonies and expand across the world.
However, it looks as if Ant War is less management orientated. How does the game differ from these ant sims?

One of the main differences in Ant War is that the game is really focused on your ant colony interacting with the world of the humans. At first, your ants will try to avoid the humans, like Buster the playground bully who will try to use his magnifying glass to cook your ants. Later on when your colony is really big, you will take over Mr. Suburbia’s house or you’ll battle the SWAT team!

Why did you decide to make the game available for download instead of releasing it in to stores?

We have plans for the game to be released in stores early next year, but we wanted to make the game available to players as soon as possible. The popularity of the web game showed us that players wanted the game now, so we had to hook them up!

I've heard Ant War makes a worthy competitor for the downloadable sim "Lemonade Tycoon". Was this an influence, and what are the similarities to this game?

Lemonade Tycoon was definitely an influence in developing Ant War. One thing we really liked about Lemonade Tycoon was that it’s a sim/strategy game that you could pick-up and start playing in 5 minutes. You don’t have to study a 200 page manual and giant foldout building tree for a few hours before you start to play. Ant War is really easy to pick-up and start having fun immediately!

It looks as if players can play Ant War at the web site www.antwar.com. How does this game compare to the actual downloadable version?

The online version of Ant War is a limited demo. You can play up to Level 5 and only 3 locations (Mr. Suburbia’s House, Backyard and Rose’s Garden) are available. You can build up a sizeable colony in the demo, but you won’t be able to conquer the town. You’ll have to buy the full version for that! The full version contains 5 ant types to choose from, 17 locations to grow your nest in, over 45 store items to buy, and over 60 enemies to battle. There are also tons of secrets and bonuses for you to discover on your way to conquering the world!

OK, so players can choose the type of ant which they want to build their colony with. Which is your favourite type of ant?

I’d have to say my favorite ant type is the Fire Ants, because I really like the battles!
In Ant War there are 5 different ants you can pick from. Each type has a different special skill that will help your game so choose carefully!
Leaf Cutter - Leaf cutter ants are good at saving food! They find more special food bonuses!
Harvester - Harvester ants are good at finding food! They find more food items each day!
Weaver - Weaver ants are good at growing! They make new ants and find gems easier! Also, they never like to fight!
Carpenter - Carpenter ants are good at digging! They make your nest grow faster!
Fire - Fire ants are good at fighting! They find more enemies to fight!

When will Ant War become available?

Ant War is available now from the Ant War website (www.AntWar.com). It will be available next month from Real Networks and Try Games. Early next year Ant War will be making its way to stores in North America and Europe.

Finally, what has Anarchy got lined up for the future? Can you tell us about any projects your currently working on?

We are currently working on a number of projects that are at different stages of development. The 2 games closest to completion are Age of Castles, a sim/strategy game and Desert Fury a 3D action/shooter.