USA: Now
UK: Q1 2004
Developer: Anarchy Enterprises
Publisher: GMX Media
Demo: Available

Interview by: James Kinnear

After giving players the chance to build a city in space with their game Moon Tycoon, Anarchy Enterprises are now offering you the chance to go to the bottom of the deep blue sea with their brand new sim game Deep Sea Tycoon.
We last spoke with Anarchy about this game a couple of years ago whilst it was in the early stages of development. Now the game is ready for release in the UK in February 2004, so I spoke to marketing director Bill Wallace to find out more about this new management game...

Hi there. First off, please introduce yourself and describe your role in the game's development.

My name is Bill Wallace, creative marketing director for Anarchy Enterprises.

If you had to sum up Deep Sea Tycoon in a short sentence, what would you say?

Deep Sea Tycoon is a 3D visual feast - packing in a ton of gameplay options, playmodes, missions, and an amazing array of animated undersea life.

We last talked to the team about Deep Sea Tycoon back when it was in the beta stages. Now the game is finished and ready for a UK release in November, how does it compare to the early plans you had drawn up for it?

The game has far exceeded our original plans. We even added RTS elements to the game, a first for tycoon games!

What are the main features of this game that make it different to other “Tycoons”?

Obviously the underwater aspect is new to the tycoon genre. Almost all tycoon games have you manage a real world environment, like a theme park or a golf club. In Deep Sea Tycoon, the player is able to manage a more fantastic environment. Also, the RTS elements test the player’s ability to build military and police forces to protect their city against pirates and evil Atlanteans.

How does this game compare to your last offering, Moon Tycoon?

Deep Sea Tycoon improves upon the Moon Tycoon engine in everyway, including: a more exciting 3-D experience, detailed underwater buildings, more replay value and RTS elements, just to name a few!

The game is called Atlantis Underwater Tycoon in the US, Aquatic Tycoon in Europe, and Deep Sea Tycoon in the UK – plus I heard it was known as Aquazots in the development stage! What’s with all the names?

Actually the game is known as Deep Sea Tycoon throughout Europe, except in France where its called Aquatic Tycoon. As is typical with many games, different markets and territories use different names to appeal to players.

Building an underwater city sounds very cool and I’ve heard there are more than 90 buildings available. Tell us about a few of these.

There are so many buildings in Deep Sea Tycoon, I’m not sure where to start. Some of the buildings include dolphin petting zoos, whale sanctuaries, oil wells, treasure hunting, casinos, shopping malls, prisons, nuclear testing, illegal genetic engineering, undersea mansions, and so much more.

After playing the game and even looking at screenshots, it’s clear that one of the things that makes the game so advanced for the management genre is the use of an awesome 3D engine. Tell us about this and why you included it in the game.

To be honest, we got bored playing 2-D tycoon games. We always wanted to get into our creations and admire our work! We figured other players wanted the same thing, so that’s why Deep Sea Tycoon is 3-D.

I’ve also heard that as well as being management game, Deep Sea Tycoon also features RTS gameplay. What kind of things can we expect?

Players will have to build police and military units to defend their cities from pirate and evil Atlantean attacks. Whether you send your attack subs into battle or jump into a sonar blaster turret to fend off the bad guys yourself, Deep Sea Tycoon will test any RTS players skills!

The RTS elements sounds like a refreshing change for the management genre, but let's face it - no “sim” game is complete without disasters! What kind of underwater chaos can players cause if they wish?

There a bunch of exciting disasters including Giant Squid Attacks, Toxic Waste Dumping, Sinking Luxury Ships, and Oil Spills.

What types of fish and sea creatures will players encounter at the bottom of the deep blue sea, and do they play a role in the game?

Deep Sea Tycoon is packed with all kinds of undersea life including blue whales, great white sharks, dolphins, giant squids and even dinosaurs!

Do you plan to make any downloadable or retail add-on packs for this game?

Yes, different gameplay aspects appeal to different players, so we will probably be releasing one expansion pack focused on animals and sealife, and another pack focused on the RTS and action elements.

What are Anarchy’s future plans? Are you going to be making more God games like this?

We just released our latest sim/strategy game Ant War (www.antwar.com). We are also currently working on a number of projects that are at different stages of development. The 2 games closest to completion are Age of Castles, a sim/strategy game and Desert Fury a 3D action/shooter. We also have a new “god game” in the works that will take players to ancient Egypt!

Thanks Bill for taking time out to talk to me about the game.

Deep Sea Tycoon will be released in the UK in February 2004. For more info, check out the official site.