Available: Q1 2004
Developer: CDV
Publisher: CDV
Trailer: available (66 MB)

Interview by: Alexander Vershinin / Game.EXE Magazine
Reprinted with permission from Game.EXE Magazine

Hello, please introduce yourself and tell us about your role in development of Lula 3D.

Hi, my name is Martin Deppe, I’m the producer of Lula 3D and therefore responsible for the content, deadlines and all the stuff that makes the game world go round.

There is almost no information on Lula3D in the net: no previews, no "first looks". Could you raise the curtain and talk a bit about the main characters of the game? Who is Lula? Does she have any reason to look like Pam Anderson so much? Did you get Pam's likeness licensed by any chance?

Oh, Lula’s not a newbie at all – she already’s got a lot of game experience back in the late 90s: in top sellers like Wet Attack or The Sexy Empire. Now she’s back!
Lula is a producer as well, but her ambitions are leading to another direction: she’s into erotic movies. But just before the shooting of her new movie starts, her main three actresses, the Tripletts, are kidnapped. Lula’s got to find and free them in a hot chase across America. By the way – who’s Pam Anderson???

What is the world Lula lives in? Is it safe to have a walk dressed like Lula out there? Where did she buy this outfit? Are there any more left?

Lula lives in a huge modern villa in Beverly Hills. Jepp, she can wear those outfits there, but she should switch to some staind clothes when visiting dark backyards in Frisco, New Orleans or other dangerous locations she’s going to visit. But well, Lula loves showing her perfect body. That’s why you’ll see her in a lot of different sexy outfits – or even without any...

What kind of action can we expect from this adventure? As a hugely curvaceous personality Lula's ought to have some unexpected moves up in her hmmm... stockings, shouldn't she?

Lula’s got to fight with everything she’s got, like fists, feet, guns or a pan. Yes, a pan. But her most dangerous weapon is her body, since no one can resist it. At least her male foes can’t...

Eastern culture (Japan etc) is ripe with erotic "adventure" games that simply overdose player with loads of written text. How much interaction is allowed in Lula? Did you arm the girl with enough pin-up phrases to seduce a wall?

Lula’s got a quite sexy voice in the German game. Believe me, we’re taking care of having cool speakers for all the international versions as well, because the right voice is very important for such an erotic girl. Lula will talk to you quite often – if you’re too dumb for example, she’ll turn around and tell what’s annoying her.

Okay, is there sex in Lula's city? How erotic can Lula's adventure become?

Ah, the most important question of your interview, huh? I just wondered why it took you so long... Well, we had tons of motion capture moves – not for the fighting action only, but for the erotic action as well. Lula will have a lot of sex with various partners, she’ll strip and pole dance, and there are many cut scenes showing everything. You can save those scenes and watch them again and again, with a free camera mode!

Do you expect women to play Lula 3D? We mean that masculine audience definitely loves to impersonate some Lara Croft chick and every pervasive male will welcome Lula for sure. But what of the other, feminine half? Do they play "adult games" at all?

Why not? Women watch erotic movies, too - when there are likeable characters in them. Lula 3D has cool, nice guys running around. Women love playing adventures, and Lula 3D is an erotic adventure with tricky puzzles and a funny story. And I can imagine couples playing the game and having fun. Maybe after the game as well...

That's it: the audience! 10 years ago everybody played Larry by Sierra and cried for more. But naughty games like Larry just stopped to exist. Why? Why do we have a definitely profitable niche almost empty? Who or what should we blame?

I loved the Larry series. But they were very American; due to censorship, they always stopped showing more when it became interesting. And 10 years ago, there was no internet as we know it today, offering tons of erotic pictures and movies for your computer. There HAVE been games, but just silly, cheap ones. It’s not enough to show nudity only: a game has to offer fun to play - and when it’s erotic, it’s even better.

A child playing Lula 3D -- is it good, bad or ugly? Will you allow your own children to play your game? Would you advise it?

Depends on the kid’s character and game experience, not on his age. My kids would (I don’t have any yet) grow up with computer games, and yes, I would advise them for the beginning. That’s better than having them play secretively.

Is there a difference between filming an erotic flick on Malibu beach and coding a game like Lula 3D? Do you ever consider yourself as a member of porno community? All in all you share the audience – that’s for sure.

Hmmmm, are there differences? Okay, there’s Malibu Beach with lots of beautiful blondes, brunettes and dark-haired girls in tiny bikinis. Not to mention this nice redhead.
On the other side, there’s a software office with ... errr ... beautiful programmers, artists and level designers in tiny cubes. Not to mention this nice project leader. And you’re asking for differences? Are you serious?
No, I’m not a member of porn community, I’m making games. But I’m glad that no one listens to us when we’re talking about horny Lula...

Well, let's speak about "3D" part in "Lula 3D" title. What are those new abilities that 3D gives to developers? There is an opinion in the air that polygonal flesh is less wanted tham the drawn one. The scene of a kiss in Final Fantasy has been in processing for 90 days! And to create a nice looking part of a body, it will take a week of a model designer's life, when the artist can draw it in several minutes, an hour – maximum. What do you think about that, any comments and/or ideas?

The reason that polygonal flesh is less wanted as the drawn one is: no one really did it yet! There’s a nice “sex scene” in Mafia, and everyone was exited about it. But this scene has hidden more than it showed. For Lula 3D, we fpr once modeled the characters’ bodies. After that, it’s “just” a question of good motion capturing to bring those boys and girls to life. And you need good “directors” who stage-manage the sex scenes, take care of camera rides and so on. All in all, it’s a lot of work at the beginning, but once you got the models, it’s getting more and more easy (I just pray my team will never hear what I said...)

It would be very interesting to hear your thoughts about so-called hentai games which are very popular on the Asian market and have some fans in Europe and States. What do you think – are those games capable to conquer the Western audience? We heard that hentai is nearly forbidden on the territory of Germany...

Hentais are not forbidden in Germany, but you have to be 18+ to get them – like games showing “too much violence”. I don’t think they’ll conquer the western world: the Asian “preferences” are much too different, just think of their schoolgirl-in-uniform-fantasies (c:

Thank you very much for your time and answers. Keep up the good erotic work! :)

You’re welcome. Lula, back to work!!!