Available: Q1 2004
Developer: Delphieye Entertainment
Publisher: TBA

Interview by: Mikhail Beskakotov / Game.EXE Magazine
Reprinted with permission from Game.EXE Magazine

Good day to you! First of all, please, introduce yourself and tell us what you do to make Nitro Family see the light of day.

It is my pleasure to do an interview with Game.EXE Magazine. My name is Ki-Jong Kang. I am in charge of game design and directing.

To speak the truth, we have fallen in love with Nitro Family when we saw the first movie from it. There were no such games on the market, let's say, for twenty years already. It would be a blast – no question! It would be pretty interesting to hear how the idea to create such a game has been born?

Thank you very much for your complements on ' Nitro Family'. Our developers often enjoy playing various FPS games and of course Serious Sam. So, when we started to make a new game, it was natural that our team chose FPS game at first. Particularly we were eager to create a unique game with unusual gameplay, like classic aracade shooting games in late 80’s.

Golden Bell corporation and a drug for all – it’s a very nice idea! But we’re certain that this is just the tip of the iceberg. It would be very nice to hear more, some cool details and such. Please share.

Hmm. There is also weaponary manufacturing company called 'Madnum'. As one of Madnum's employee, Lisa will help players by giving basic game information, buying and upgrading weapons. Furthermore we are planning to give her sexy characteristics. Through Lisa, player can enjoy sensual events with her in the middle of game

Well, there are drugs, there is violence. It might lead to a Mature rating. Did you plan for that in the first place? We’re also curious how Nitro Family would be... sensual?..

Above all, we were not aware of game rating at the initial stage of developing ‘Nitro Family’. Because we have been making our game without any boundaries and limitation, I think, naturally the game rating would lead to Mature rating. Regarding sensual events, there are a couple of interesting events. For example as I mentioned above, you'll be able to play as a weapons dealer called ‘Lisa’, and that level is full of gorgeous ladies after it's completed.

The game’s engine has been brought to life by a Croatian team we all know and love. If one looks at the screens, he might see some identical moves in level design. It’s not advertisement in any case, please, don’t get us wrong. We would just like to learn more about levels of NF and their design... And what do you guys think of Serious Sam, by the way?

In many parts of level design, we intended to create similar atmosphere to Serious Sam. The reason why we selected Serious Engine was that we liked so much about the Serious Sam bright level tone. Well, it seems that the violence and sensual image and bright image cannot be incompatible in some sense. But this contraction is what we really want to create in Nitro Family. In shiny sunlight, we create the beauty of violence. (It reminds me of Albert Camus’ L’etranger). That is, it is natural that the wide and bright level desigs in Nitro Family will give you a similar sense of Serious Sam. But in addition to similar level designs, we pursue to focus on reality and variety. And when we are talking about Serious Sam, it is such a great game, and we all respect what Croteam did.

When a developer picks an engine, he has a bunch of key points which he likes in it. We would like to ask you why did you decide to work with Serious Engine – there must be something in its background, right?

We loved the bright outdoor backgrounds in Seriou Sam. We really do not like the idea that the player is wandering around the dark maze in dungeon.

Manga, comics, B-movies – these are examples of exotic taste. But how will all these, say, genres will fit into one game?

I think manga, comics, and B-moives are parts of our lives. While we are making games, we are reading manga or watching B-movies at the same time. So these examples are spontaneously absorbed into 'Nitro Family' But the sensual part is not the common part of our lives. Because there are no ladies we imagined around us, we simply embody our imagination into the game.

One doesn’t have to be blind not to catch the idea of your game – arcade-like gameplay. But lets go a bit into detail. To do this, please, give us several in-game examples which will show and explain your approach to gameplay of Nitro Family.

Certainly 'Nitro Family' is inspired by the gameplays in 80's arcade games from the arcade shooting games to action game like 'Final Fight' and Takken.

We have asked about levels. but what can you tell us about locations where we will have to look for our beloved son?

Chopski Family will wander from the entire world where “Golden Bell’s” secret bases are and their beloved son might be. There are various levels such as Latin America, South East Asia, China, Russia and U.S. (Hoover Dam, Las Vegas).

The monsters are a huge part of any action game. When there is a word ‘arcade’ which describes the genre of the future masterpiece, it’s just “a must!” to ask about those evil enemies that we’ll encounter. Would you like to reveal something about player’s opponents?

Evil enemies are composed of drug planters, drug refining technicians, guards and soldiers. And also there are mutated chickens and pigs fed by Golden Bell’s drug. Additionally, over 70 different enemies will come up like dancers in Las Vegas and machine robots.

When there are monsters and enemies, there must be a huge variety of guns that will make us happy and them – dead. So, could you give us a small trip to the arsenal?

There are three combo weapons that can be upgraded up to level 3 respectively. Through combo plays, player can get golden bell credits, which are used for upgrading and buying new weapons. Besides, there are normal weapons that have unique features.

When we come to think of a soundtrack which will fit into your game, we just can’t stop of thinking of something crazy, furious and fast. Aggressive techno-grindcore, something from jungle – that’d be nice! But those are only guesses and we want facts. Could you share your views on music in games of such type and of Nitro Family – in particular?

Nitro Family has different types of music, depending on the various situation mode; General combat mode-Funk style rock, Estacy mode (Slow motion mode)-classic, weapon dealer mode- Jazz, drug mode-Trance and techno.

Frankly speaking, Korean developers are not a very common guest in the gaming biz around here. So, we just can’t miss asking the following. In Russia, to be specific, people just like bishuojo games (simple ones) and, of course, Counter-Strike. And what games are popular in Korea?

I think playing a game is a common amusement for everyone in the world, regardless of nationality and race. In Korea, even young ladies like Counter-Strike. It is true that a lot of Korean game players like MMORPG, but gradually many of them are playing online and package version of FPS games

If you ask us, deathmatch in Nitro Family will be a pretty logical move. Can you comment on MP in games and what MP modes can we hope to see in NF if you’re going to implement it?

For single player game, death match cannot be available. Only cooperative mode will be available at this time. However, around summer 2004, we are planning to release online death match for online gamers. By that time you will be able to play online Nitro Family death match in Russia and everywhere else in the world.

Thanks for answering our questions and good luck with the game!