Game Developer Conference Diary, Day 1 - March 24th
By Nicole Hamlett

So heya guys, I'm here in sunny San Jose for the Game Developers Conference. The crowd here is amazing, I guess that this year they had about 20% + increase in registrations. Developers and Publishers and fans are all crowding through the halls to get a look at what is offered in the big hall.

I started my morning out at Kodak where Bruce Newell showed me the new lense that kodak has created for immersive 3D gaming. It was incredible. The demo involved a racing game and it actually felt as though you were behind the wheel. Somewhat discerning running into a concrete wall though!

Next stop was the S3 booth. The guys were out in force and Nadeem was super cool as he showed me some of their products.

Onward and upwards! I shot over to the Nvidia booth which is featuring the NCSoft guys. I was got to play a little of the City of Heroes game before my interview with Aaron Rigby who is the producer for Lineage 2 here in North America. City of Heroes! The game looked great. Lots of eye candy. Special
effects are superb and the graphics themselves are pretty nice. I had a hard time figuring out how to move around but after I got past that little roadblock I was off having god-like fun. I think that the MMO fans out there are going to really dig this game!

After playing CoH I sat down with Aaron Rigby (as stated above). We had a great convo about Lineage 2 that I will write about when I get back to my cozy home. Let's just say that Aaron rocks and you're going to appreciate what he was to say. The NCSoft guys definately have their shit together and I think that we can expect to see some great product from them this year.

I tooled around other various booths looking at all of the great things to see with my trusty sidekick Burt (Carver) for the rest of the afternoon. Sony has a strong presence with their PS2 products. Fun times!

Now.. here is where my day got uber exciting!

We headed on over to the Microsoft party at the hilton. I got to play some X Box with the guys. I was toting a drink and schmoozing with the best when I got the "Nicole! Brad McQuaid stopped by. Why don't you come meet him?" I hate to admit it, but I totally acted like a girl. Yeah yeah I'm a girl but I couldnt stop talking. I always joke about how these guys are just that, guys and nothing too special yada yada yada. I'm a dork. I gushed and talked and spewed massive amounts of opinions on this poor guy and what did he do? He totally talked back to me. Yeah that's right, Brad McQuaid is a cool guy. He talked about how hes really excited for the Vanguard MMO that Sigil Games is producing to come out. He thinks that they can put the excitement and adrenaline rush back into gaming. Yeah, this is why this guy is a gaming GOD! I can't wait to see what they have to offer and hats off to him and Jeff Butler who stopped and chatted as well.

We wrestled ourselves away from the party and headed to the GDC Awards. It was good to see these good games being appreciated.

Drinks after and lots more schmoozing. Want to thank Jamie bolton and David LaRocca from Clown Keep who were super cool after they "met" me the 2nd time. Look forward to getting a look at their single player RPG that is currently in development. You can check them out at Also to the Discreet guys who chatted us up as we waited in an incredibly horrendous line for snacks.

Ok I'm off to another meeting so I need to scram. More to come tomorrow with some first impressions of Fable and some other new microsoft products.