Game Developer Conference Diary, Day 2 - March 25th
By Nicole Hamlett

The Morning after's are always a shock. However, I'm trucking through.

Yesterday was HUGE! We started off the day on the expo floor. It's even better the second time around. I then made my way to THQ's suite at the Marriot to do an interview with the developer of their newest eye candy Stalker: Shadows of Chernoble (Chernobyl - Tschernobyl). I'm fairly certain that I spelled that one wrong but I'll make up for it when I do the actual article. I was highly impressed with the level of realism and detail that was put into this game. Its going to come out later this year. Look for the full article within the next few days.

After that I hit the streets to find food. I came to the realization that no matter how comfortable you think your shoes are you they really aren't. I find myself running to keep up with the men as they walk. Sheesh and I always thought that my legs weren't that short. Definately going to have to train for E3.

After lunch I made my way to the coveted Microsoft Fable Appointment. I can honestly say that I've never been more excited for a game to come out. Nothing in my experience has ever been this innovative, intuitive and exciting. When this game comes out I'm going to play until my thumbs bleed! Look for my First Impressions on Monday. I think that like myself you will be extremely stoked for this game!

I also was able to view Unreal Championship 2 which is eye candy at it's best. They've added some great features to the game that I think will surprise the player yet at the same time really please. I then circuited to RalliSport Challenge 2 which was very fun and again Microsoft surprised me with the level of detail in these games. I've never been a huge fan of the XBox but I think that it's time to change the mind. I'm absolutely asking for one for my birthday! They've got more coming out in the next year that is fresh and vivid that anyone else. I might have to become a fangrrl!

We were able to slip into the Unreal 3 Engine demo and all I can say is OH MY GOD! Burt will write about that one. It's absolutely fantastic!

Remember the sunny weather I mentioned yesterday? It went away and as Burt my trusty sidekick and I ran over to the Fable party we got soaked. We got there just in time to listen to Peter Molyneux talk about his latest project. The man is probably the most innovative and creative man on the planet. . . and so humble. I was able to chat with him a bit and I gotta say, super nice guy. If we're going to start handing out Not Worthy of you trophies, then this guy is getting the first one!

After the Fable Party Burt (the trusty sidekick) and I headed over to Nokia's NGage Party. This year it was held in the Museum of Modern Art here in San Jose. Had a great time there and bumped into Brian (Handles City of Heroes) from NCSoft again. Did I mention how absolutely great the guys from NCSoft are?

ok. . So only one day left. You can expect to see a few previews from me as well as some interviews and first impressions over the next week so check back!