Available: April 27, 2004

City of Heroes © Cryptic Studios / NC Soft
First Impressions by: Nicole Hamlett

Who hasn't wanted to be a super hero from the first time they saw a Batman, Superman or Wonderwoman comic book/movie/cartoon? Finally your dreams can come true. Cryptic Studios in collaboration with NC Soft has brought the comic book genre into another venue.

While I was at GDC I ran into Brian Clayton the producer of City of Heroes for NC Soft. He was good enough to let me tinker around with the game. I didn't get to spend an overly huge amount of time with this one but let me tell you what I thought about it.

First off, it's graphically gorgeous. Most games are these days of course, but, the special effects of the flight, powers being used are amazing. I didn't find the controls intuitive. I'm unsure if it's something they are working still or if it's finished but in the humble opinion of someone who gets lost alot, it needs to be fleshed out a bit. The characters are amazing! You won't have 2 characters that look the same. The city around you is crazy cool.

While the premis of this game has changed a bit over the years, I have hope that this will be a game that you can play for a good long time. Like I said before, who doesn't want to be a superhero? I have great hopes for City of Heroes... of course one of those hopes is that I can battle against real life villians one day...*sigh* I guess we'll see!

City of Heroes is in closed beta right now, but you can sign up for the open beta right now on their site!