HD Interactive has a real treat coming in the early part of 2005 for all those in the house that love a good PC RPG. Blood Magic will be showing up with some new, and very pretty ideas for their own take on character building, environmental detail, and robust, dynamic spell design.

From the beginning, you’re presented with four character types, each with their own balance in strengths and attributes. For the starters, there is a gypsy with an inherently higher luck, begetting better performance in battle, or the larger, matronly woman with more initial health. Most of the characters are not necessarily built for heavy combat – not with the grease and grit of muscles and weapons, anyway. Blood Magic prides itself in its focus on – you guessed it – magic.

During the game, books can be acquired from 12 different sects of magic. All spells will be intact; it will be up to the player to amass points and upgrade their skill level for any one of eight different spell elements within a book of magic. Upgrading any of the given elements will require some discretion, which is dictated by how the player actually wants to use the spells. For instance, from an Earth magic book, a projectile boulder can be augmented with a burning affliction, setting the region aflame once the rock impacts. It’s this sort of customization that the player will need to explore and experiment with in order to find their true magical calling.

As the character advances through their favorite magics and spell combinations, the aesthetic design of the character model will change gradually. Earth magic specialization will yield a model crowned with branches. Another magic might replace the hands with crab-like claws and darker skin. These changes serve as an excellent visual validation for efforts put into the progressive strengthening of a character’s magic.

There are big plans for the single player experience and multiplayer campaign conversions, as well as game play additions like two-player melee duals. As the game develops over the next year to its completion, expect to see some dramatic flourish and streamlining in Blood Magic.

-Tim Eller