Today I got a chance to see Sammy Studio’s Spy Fiction. Earlier I had an interview with the people that are involved in the game but now I finally had a chance to experience it first hand. The game is more than I thought it would be, not only does it look amazing but it actually does incorporate the spy genre very well.

The main point of the game is to disguise yourself as someone else. To do this you must use the special 3DA camera to take a picture of the person you wish to become. After you’ve taken the picture, you have to hide in order to toggle the change. If you just got the feet in the picture your feet will change, and nothing else. If you get a full frontal shot you will become that person perfectly. If you are close enough to them you can record their voice as well and then use their voice later on in the game.

According to what I was told in the interview it is possible to beat the game without killing anyone. There are some parts where you must fire bullets; it is part of the story line. But you can get through the majority of the game without firing a shot. There are a lot of features that make this game quite unique. One would be that if you don’t move you become transparent. The second you move it reveals your entire body. Another item you can use are the Spider Grips. These allow you jump onto a ceiling and creep around like that, avoiding any unnecessary enemies. There are also bonuses around the game for the players that like to explore, such as better weapons and equipment.

This game is the first product of Access Games. I have a feeling this game will be a major success. When I look back to other products that are on the market for the PS2 there is nothing that really comes close to Spy Fiction. After seeing it and having heard a lot about it I was very impressed with what I saw. I do hope that good things happen with Spy Fiction so we can expect more great games from Access Games.

-Kurt Knusden