It’s about time that the progressives win out over the prudes. We need more videogames with adult content, and Playboy: The Mansion will not disappoint. Based upon the demo I saw on the last day of E3, this Sims-like game stands to become a groundbreaking adult title.

Playboy: The Mansion, to be released this fall on PC, Xbox and PS2, casts the player as Hugh Hefner, the pajama-clad patriarch of the popular men’s magazine. As Hef, your goal in this Sims-lookalike game is to publish your magazine every month. However, it’s not as easy as snapping a few nude pictures of your beautiful contingent of Bunnies.

Set in a loose approximation of the Playboy Mansion, you’ll have to work to find content for your magazine every month. Throw parties, invite celebrities from a long list of real-life personalities and try to make interesting matches. Commission articles from some of your guests for the next magazine. The more fun people have. The more popular you become and the higher caliber of celebrity you can attract thereby increasing the quality of the content of your magazine and increasing your income.

Yes, there will be nudity in this game. According to the developer, they are comfortable with an ESRB rating of ‘M’, and they have yet to receive any push back from the console makers about content. Hold on to your garters though because not only will you be able to set-up and shoot nude photo spreads of your lovely models, but there will be actual sexual activity in and around the mansion.

The grotto will figure prominently in all of its accurately detailed glory. The developer’s comment to me was that he was spending most of his day coming up with animations for sexual congress in any of a number of situations. Nice work if you can get it.

There are a plethora of other features available in Playboy: The Mansion including a celebrity editor that will allow you to make your own stars, but the biggest draw will be the explicit nudity and sexual content. Will the consoles really go for it this time? We’ll know soon enough. I certainly hope they take the risk and wake up to the fact that the core demographic of gamers is growing steadily older.

- Erin Ellis