Bet On Soldier is one of Digital Jester’s newest offerings and their first into the FPS market. The game’s unique selling point is the fact that you can put a wager on how fast you will kill the soldiers in each level. This is what really sets it apart from the rest.

The game engine was created by the developer, Kylotonn, who are based out of Paris, France. A lot of work has clearly been put into the engine, especially in the lighting department and the physics. It resembles Unreal Tournament in graphical style, but is set in a futuristic/urban decay type setting. The money that you earn can be used to purchase various weapons and armour upgrades from categories such as one handed pistols, two handed pistols/rifles, heavy assault rifles and body armour. There are more than 40 different weapon types, 40 different elite enemies to fight on the levels that span from Alaska to Europe and everywhere in between.

Classes come into play in the multiplayer game type. Up to 32 players can take part online, and one of the most unique features of the online game is the fact that when a player dies, they become a spectator that can then bet on the outcome of the game. This is a far cry from the usual spectator mode in which players can only wait for the game to end. This’ll ensure interaction even while dead and will hopefully break the monotony of other FPS games spectator mode which only allows the player to fly around the map or follow other players.

If the wager system is executed correctly in both single and multiplayer, I see no reason why this game will not be popular with gamers. Gameplay is fluid and seasoned FPS players will have no problem getting used to the controls and mechanics of the game. Gamers looking for an FPS with that little something that sets it aside from the rest then this may well be right up your alley. The game is set to be released in Q2 2005 which surprised me, as it looks and feels very polished already.

- Doug Kelly