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QNA by Steven Ziegler

Answered by Steven Knuff, Nokia Corporate Communications, N-Gage

GH- How will the N-Gage continue to see progress?
Steven- The N-Gage will continue to see more multiplayer games via Bluetooth and N-Gage Arena. The games initially offered were just the seeds of what is to come. A slew of games that will take full advantage of N-Gage's connectivity will be launched this year.

GH- What developers/publishers are signing with the N-Gage?
Steven- The list of publisher and developers is long and growing! we have the following already on board; Sega, Nokia, Hudson Soft, Activision, Atari, Vivendi Universal, Electronic Arts, Gameloft, THQ Wireless, , Eidos Interactive, Taito, and Falcom. We just announced that Cenega Publishing will be joining ranks with N-Gage as well. They will be working on two titles for the N-Gage, Shade: Wrath of Angels and The Roots: Gates of Chaos.

GH- Is the pricing for N-Gage going to drop, or stay the same?
Steven- The price for the N-Gage QD will be $179.00 without any bundle or carrier subsidies. The price of a N-Gage/Tony Hawk bundle will start at $199.00. When you add in carrier tie-ins we expect to see the price of the N-Gage QD to be as low as $99! (The price for the original N-Gage is still around $199 at retail.)

GH- What new hardware will increase N-Gages Performance/Storage?
Steven- The N-Gage QD has double the battery life that the N-Gage has and a much improved, and brighter screen. Gamers can now play for 10 hours on the N-Gage QD.

GH- Is the Game Selection going to increase? If so, which genres are going to be focused on?
Steven- Nokia plans on bring more than 50 new titles to the N-Gage platform this year alone. They cross all genres as you can see from on our games section on the N-gage web site www.n-gage.com

We appreciate Steven Knuff taking the time to answer our questions. For Further information on the N-gage go to www.n-gage.com