Available :6/29/04

Spiderman 2© Activision
Preview by Nicole Hamlett

I’m swinging through the streets of Manhattan with exhilaration pumping through my veins. Who am I? I’m Spiderman, at least for a few hours. Activision in team with Treyarch pulls off a great hit with the new movie based game, Spiderman 2. You’re back in Manhattan two years after the last movie. This time you’re going up against Doc Ock the maniac mecha man. You’re job is to keep the streets of NYC safe from the villains. Not only do you see Doc Ock, but also some other familiar Spidey faces. You’ll run into Black Cat, Shocker and Rhyno along with the other lackey creeps as you swing and crawl through the missions.

“If you can see it, you can stick to it.” You have the entire city of Manhattan as your playground. This is a realistic 3D version of the Big Apple, complete with Central Park. As you crawl to the top of the buildings, you see the entire city before you. The graphics are amazing! The only thing that doesn’t look spectacular is the ingame cut scenes. The devs told me that they decided to go easy on them so that they could really amp up the movie cut scenes and the in game play. I have no problem with that, because what I saw was absolutely gorgeous!

In SP2, they’ve re-conditioned the swinging so it’s easier and more fun. You can set the value so that you only have to press one button and release on the upswing just in case you have a hard time manually getting the job done. You haven’t lived until you’ve swung through the trees or attached yourself to a Helicopter on the way to the Statue of Liberty. The combat was great, but I could spend hours just swinging from building to building. The point to point motion is flawless.

There are a variety of missions that you can do in this game. You have the main mission and then smaller missions to help you gain Hero points. For fun, you can do pizza delivery missions or, every time you take down bad guys on the streets you get more points. The hero points help you gain new skills and combos. You can “cash” these in at your local Spidey store.

Let’s talk about Combat. You have many different types of attacks that you get initially and you can build upon them with the hero points that you acquire. Web attacks are the best of course. The most amusing is the one where you swing your opponent around like a whirlybird. You can also shoot and bind them as well as hang them from lampposts while you beat the stuffing out of them. Spidey sense is back and with a bang! Time slows down as you dodge bullets and attacks. It also enhances your own attacks.

Don’t know your way around Manhattan? That’s ok! There’s a complete overview map with pinpoint locations. The good thing about this map is that you don’t have to exit the game to see it. It’s quick, easy and extremely helpful.

Everything about this game screams “Buy Me!” It’s an action packed fast paced game that will keep you entertained for hours. Keep in mind that the PC platform has been created for children and the console games are built for adults. Spiderman 2 releases on all platforms on June 29, 2004.