Moscow Rush © Buka Entertainment
QNA with Peter Porai-Koshits- Lead Designer

-- What inspired you to make this racing title's location in Moscow?

There are two main reasons – the recognizability of the area and the diversity of the road network. Our crew is located in St. Petersburg and, evidently, this city was the first candidate, but finally we came to a conclusion that Moscow is a more interesting city from the driver's point of view. Briefly saying, this is the only Russian city, where in the centre there can be widely found roads with twelve-lane traffic and sophisticated road junctions.

-- Since the location is in Moscow, what type of cars can we come to expect?

We want the traffic flow in our game to resemble at most the real situation on Moscow streets. We did not buy licenses from car manufacturers (still now we are having negotiations in this direction), but their design will recall that of the popular models. The simplest aim was to render the Russian park of cars: the manufacturers are very few, the number of the main body types is restricted to a couple of tens.  It is obvious that there will be many popular European, Japanese and American cars and vans on the roads in our game, as well as city and cargo cars. Besides, the player will have to drive certain specific cars (such as road-roller, a car with an aircraft engine and a cistern for street watering).

-- Freedom is the name of the game, and Moscow Rush presents plenty of it. How will choices effect the game's ending?

This aspect of the game is implemented traditionally: the plot is introduced by series of scenes and tasks. Freedom lies in the possibility of unlimited movement along the city and in the diversity of ways of completing the tasks.

-- How will crashing affect the car's controls, looks and performance?

In our game the damage will influence the car exterior and it's handling, but we do not plan to achieve the level of rally simulators in this aspect. Cutting a long story short, our game will encourage accurate driving.

-- Of the 20 missions available, what exactly will be done? The storyline suggests that racing won't be the only thing to do.

The storyline is based on the adventures of an ordinary Moscow citizen. The player will find himself in different situations, which will reveal various aspects of his driving talent. Apart from the traditional races, chases and "courier" missions, he will face some unusual driving challenges (driving accuracy challenge, jumping distance challenge), and even find himself in the role of a driving instructor.

-- Moscow Rush reminds me of Driver thanks to the freedom to do as you wish. What are you aiming to accomplish before Moscow Rush's release?

Our main priority is to represent the feelings of a driver in a modern metropolis: multi-lane roads with junctions and heavy traffic, jams, daredevils and dummies. Until now, no game has offered a convincing simulation of driving in a really huge city, and we hope to break fresh ground in this field.

-- Upgrading your jalopy through accomplishing missions is another plus. In what ways can you upgrade your ride?

We have set two main directions: customizing the car's exterior and improving driving specs and handling. The first way of customization will be available on the earliest stages of the game: you will be able to paint and tune your car's body at your liking.
Running gear improvement will be tied to the successful accomplishment of the missions. Most likely, we'll introduce the following principle: the most common cars will get the coolest upgrades 

-- While in the free-ride mode, how much area is drivable?

We're planning to recreate Moscow centre within the Sadovoye Ring. It is a ring 4 kilometres in diameter and 15 kilometers long, which encompasses the Kremlin, the quay of the river Moscow, several boulevards and parks and many business, trading and residential areas.

-- Can you run over innocent bystandards?

No. The game's overall mood will be closer to irony, without dismal shades.

-- I feel that many racing titles do not contain enough of that accomplishment feeling. How can Moscow Rush make me feel like I just accomplished an impossible task?

After the player crosses Moscow centre in less than 15 minutes, we suppose this feeling will come by itself  Being more serious, we plan to reach this effect by gradually increasing difficulty of the missions and the amount of bonuses received for their accomplishment.