Available :10/2004

Despot's Guide to World Domination © DreamCatcher

So, you’ve studied Genghis Khan and Alexander the Great, and you feel you can do better? Tired of the gutless politicians who feel topics such as “mass collateral damage” and “sociopathic imperialists” are bad for their careers? Well, we’ve got the fix for all your nuking needs: Superpower 2, the new geopolitical simulator coming soon from the studios of GolemLabs.

Genghis Khan (c. 1162 – 1227)Leader of a destitute clan, he prevailed in an inter-clan feud. He overcame all rivals and by 1206 was acknowledged as Genghis Khan (Universal Ruler) of all Mongolian people. He became one of the most supreme military leaders of the world. He subjected China, devastated Khwarezm (Uzbekistan) and became the creator of the Mongol nation and founder of one of the vastest empires in world history, which stretched from Northern China to the Black Sea.

Of course, as a dictator in training, you’ll only have access to the recently unclassified version of the software. In it, you’ll enjoy all the thrills and joys of running your own country as you see fit, and watch the consequences in this most realistic simulator of its kind ever created. So realistic, in fact, that it’s used for training and simulation purposes in various high-ranking offices of the world.

When we say realistic, we mean it. Superpower 2 offers the largest unclassified database available in a computer game. All relevant information on the various countries of the world is included, from religious diversity to the landscape around villages. Major cities and roads, military hardware, economic production and trade, everything can be used to realize your ambitions. Whether it’s simply to conquer a region, or to create havoc within your enemies’ regions, there are several paths for you to take to achieve glory at home and abroad.

Alexander the Great (356-323 B.C.) King of Macedonia, he was born in late July 356 BC in Pella, Macedonia. Alexander was one of the greatest military geniuses in history. He conquered much of what was the civilized world, driven by his divine ambition of world conquest and the creation of a universal world monarchy.

Ever wonder what would happen if you legalized drugs? If you made vegetables illegal? If you declared Marshall Law and indefinitely postponed the presidential election? Now you can find out, without getting trampled in the riots that would ensue, and without losing your stocks in the inevitable economic meltdown. Is there a country you don’t particularly like? You have all of the real world’s weapons at your command, including nuclear missiles! When diplomacy fails, or if you simply don’t like the guy, shower your enemies with a nuclear rain, and then crush them with your unstoppable military forces.

Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)One of the greatest military commanders in history, a risk-taking gambler, a workaholic genius, an impatient short term planner, a vicious cynic who forgave his closest betrayers, a misogynist who could enthrall men, Napoleon Bonaparte was all of this and more. He was the twice-emperor of France whose military endeavors and sheer personality dominated Europe in person for a decade, and in thought for a century. He was also utterly ruthless, a dictator and, later in his career, thought he could do no wrong.

For the more sneaky despot, we also offer a variety of covert actions, from ingenious sabotage to espionage to creating civil unrest, so you can meddle with the affairs of your neighbours. That’s what they get for pressuring you into signing wussy peace treaties!

For the benevolent despot, Superpower 2 also offers methods of being beloved by your population, even by foreign nations. Sometimes, having your population’s approval is a good thing, especially if you want your economy to function, or if you’re unfortunate enough to rule under a democracy and have to submit yourself to elections every four years. In these cases, we offer helpful advisors to council you in making your population like you.

If you’re the type of tyrant that likes fraternising with others of your kind, and especially if you want to pit your cunning skills against other dictators-to-be, Superpower 2 supports up to 32 human players in multiplayer matches. Form alliances, wage war, make and break treaties to outlive your foes. For the other countries, GolemLabs has included the second generation of the evolutive AI to mimic the human dictator.

This could be YOU...A young and ambitious middle-class kid, he became Prime Minister of England at 21. He balanced the budget and eliminated the debt of his country in two years. He was the first ruler ever to sign meaningful alliance treaties with Russia and China. He conquered and annexed all of Europe in twelve years, then went on to annex all of Africa to his empire. He finally crowned himself King of the World after 15 years of hard work.

SuperPower 2 is the ultimate opportunity for you to take matters in your own hands and get things done your way. You can finally realize that world domination plan you’ve been meticulously perfecting for years. Rewrite history and take your rightful place among the most famous rulers who ever lived. Make people shiver when they hear your name. In Superpower 2, you’re at the helm.

You decide. You rule.

Make sure they know it.