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Flight Of Fancy Interview With Creative Director Kirill Yudintsev

By: Kurt Knudsen

Before we get started can you please introduce yourself and what you do?

My name is Kirill Yudintsev. I am the creative director, and main founder of most game projects of Gaijin Entertainment.

Where did you get the idea for this kind of game?

The idea of the game belongs to me. Once I have reflected and decided - why not make a game where the player could feel like has is in dream?! In a fantasy world of good and evil. It was necessary to invent a must original game that differed from others' games. And we have decided to make a flight simulator of a Dragon, and base the control on web-cam. When we have decided to use motion detection technology, no one yet knew about Sony and their EyeToy project.

How are you going to overcome the possibility that some customers don’t have a web-cam or some sort of camera? I heard there are talks with a hardware distributor to include a camera, is this true?

Yep, we're negotiating with several publishers. An optimum variant certainly would be to release the game together with a web-cam. In the case of PlayStation 2, here it is even easier – buy PS2 EyeToy and just play!

Do you have to stand up or can you be seated to play? Another question in the same area would be fatigue, is the game tiring?

It is desirable during game to be in standing position, but you can try sitting, as it is also possible to play this way. Speaking about fatigue, I shall tell you the following: actually, it is not necessary to swing your hands as a bird. Web-cam will be fixing all your slightest movements, and it is possible to be lazy enough to lift hands.

The graphics look pretty nice, are you using your own engine for that?
If so can you elaborate on its abilities?

Yeah, we are using our own engine: Dagor Engine 1.5.

Dagor engine features:

- Huge locations (up to 4x4 kilometers)
- Up to 500.000 triangles on screen, up to 5 millions on picture area
- Per-pixel lighting on a character
- Global illumination technology
- Realistic environment effects (water, atmospheric effects)
- Live vegetation (trees, grass, etc)
- Post-effects (motion blur, glow, etc.).

What kind of scenery can we expect in this game? Fantasy worlds?
Tropical places?

Flight of Fancy is located in a fantasy world. Here you will see tropical places, huge seas and abrupt mountains, deep caves and far snow-covered grounds. You will meet a big number of creatures, knights, Pegasus, good and evil sorcerers, and even Dinosaurs!

What is the objective of the game?

The objective of the game is to destroy evil! There's many various guests in game: starting from destruction of enemy fortresses, to escorting the king and the queen. The player should rescue peaceful inhabitants of the kingdom from attacks of malicious sorcerers and their awful creatures.

Do you think that motion capture games are going to become popular much like the EyeToy for the PS2?

Yep, it is a new kind of games, and people have more and more interest in them as the technology becomes more affordable for the consumer.

What is the target age group for this game? The majority of EyeToy games have been for a younger audience. Is this game going to be targeted towards more adult gamers?

Our game is absolutely for any age. Flight of Fancy will be interesting to everyone, both children and adults. You've for certain read Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings books? These books are loved by everyone, and we hope that our game will please absolutely all fans of fantasy.

What can we expect from Flight of Fancy?

Feeling of flight. People frequently fly in dreams, and we suggest feeling it in reality. An interesting plot set of characters, beautiful sceneries, battles of good with evil. Is that not a miracle?

I read that you control a dragon. Do you get to ‘fly’ anything else or perhaps different types of dragons?

You operate one dragon during the whole game. There is a plenty of other essences, but it is possible to play only with one dragon.

I also read that there might be a possibility of casting spells from the dragon. How will this be incorporated into flying? I can’t imagine casting spells while flying, I’d hate to plummet to the Earth while trying to blast my opponent away.

Attacking spells, such as fireball, ice and poison, are applied automatically, at a kind of the enemy. We have made it, that it would be easier to play. By the way, spells like a recovery of one's health or increase your protection, will be is not automatically. The gamer paint in air symbol X – get health and etc.

Besides the dragon cannot land on the ground or be broken about rocks. All this was made so that using the web-cam it would be easier for the player to play. It is not necessary to think, that the game became easy, no, it simply features a different kind of gameplay.

Before we go is there anything else you would like to add?

I want to tell you, that our game has been very warmly met at the E3 exhibition this year. Besides Flight of Fancy, we have some more projects in development, one of them a racing game, and another an action/shooter.

Thank you for your questions!

Best of cheers,
Kirill Yudintsev