Freedom Force vs. Third Reich Preview
By: Kurt Knudsen

The preview build of Freedom Force vs. Third Reich allowed me to play a single level with loads of things to play with. It started off with 4 super heroes and some villain that takes over humans and turns them into evil minions. Your super heroes have special powers that they can use to do a lot of damage to the enemy. These powers take up a special type of energy that regenerates over time. Obviously the more powerful ones take up more energy.

The level that I played was basically a small city block. The buildings and almost all the objects in the game are destructible. You can knock enemies and people in to buildings and watch them crumble into a pile of rubble. This looks amazing and I cannot wait to see what else they add in the final build.

The different super heroes offer different types of attacks and defenses. You can use different powers on enemies by right clicking on them and then selecting the power you want to use. The different powers offer spectacular particle effects and different animations. It’s fun to watch the interaction between the enemy and your heroes. The enemy might attack a group of the super heroes sending them flying in all directions.

Graphically speaking the game looks great. It is a top-down isomorphic perspective that can be zoomed in and out to an almost 3rd person view. The super heroes look great and very detailed. With the graphics engine they used the whole game looks like it was taken straight from the pages of a comic book. It looks like XIII but without the extreme cel-shading. The animations are great as are the special effects. Again I cannot wait to see what they add in the final version.

The super hero’s voice acting is pretty good. Some of the dialog can be pretty cheesy but it does fit the theme and the old style TV shows we are used to. ‘Be gone villain, your evil is not welcome here.’ That is something that they say, cheesy but it works. The sound effects are very well done as well.

I wish I had more than just 1 level to play. The version that I had seemed pretty buggy and it seems the mission is unbeatable since random civilians turn into monsters all the time. Being that I had a limited time to play the game I really didn’t get to see all the different aspects of it. I believe this game will be a great hit and it will be extremely fun to play.

Being a super hero is every kids dream. This game brings us one step closer to that dream.

You can find two seperate videos on this game. A small intro video can be found here and a video on a small fight can be found here.