Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure Interview

1) Before we begin can you introduce yourself?

Jill Braff, VP of Marketing for Sorrent, checking in.

2) The launch of Marc Ecko 's Getting Up: Contents under Pressure will do a lot to raise the profile of this popular US brand in Europe. Tell us somenthing about Marc Ecko.

Marc Ecko is a cultural phenomenon in the United States. He began his artistic journey as a graffiti artist in the New York area while in college, and his creative talents led him into creating one of the most innovative and successful fashion companies in the world, Ecko Unltd. He’s been very hands on with the creative aspects and design of the PS2 version of Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure, and we expect he’ll give the same kind of attention to the mobile version of the game.

3) I believe it is a big Atari title for 2005. What can mobile gamers expect?

Gamers should expect to see something very original and tailored for the mobile phone – this won’t be a direct port of a console title, rather a complimentary game that takes advantage of the characteristics and opportunities for creativity that the mobile phone platform provides.

4) Who is developing the title for Sorrent?

Sorrent does almost all game development internally through the company’s two studios, the Sorrent Studio, based in San Mateo, California, and the Macrospace Studio, based in London. This title will be developed out of the Sorrent Studio in San Mateo.

5) Will Marc Ecko have any input in the mobile content?

Absolutely. Marc’s been extremely passionate about video games and has been working on the console version of this title for seven years. He’ll be very involved in the creative vision behind the mobile version of the game too.

6) When are you planning to release it in Europe?

Similar to our 2004 launch of Atari’s DRIV3R, Marc Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure will launch globally on the same day / date as the PS2 version of the game, which is currently scheduled for early fall, 2005.

7) Do I have to have a certain type of phone to play the game?

With all Sorrent titles, especially global launches like the Marc Ecko game, we aim to cover all the handsets capable of running this title. In general terms, if you have a color screen on your handset, and you have service from a major carrier, you will be able to purchase and play Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure.

8) This is the second time Sorrent has worked with Atari to bring a big title to mobile phone gamers. Your relationship with Atari is well established. Can we expect to see any other Atari titles on mobile in the near future?

Actually, Sorrent has worked continuously with Atari to bring titles to mobile phones since the launch of DRIV3R. The company recently launched mobile versions of Baldur’s Gate and Deer Hunter, and with continued success hopes to develop and launch several more blockbuster Atari titles.

9) Similarly, you continue to bring a range of high profile brands to mobile phones. Can we expect to see similar deals with other brands and publishers?

We recently announced an exclusive worldwide partnership with Twentieth Century Fox to develop and publish games and other mobile content to phones based on upcoming film releases. Our first title will be based on the upcoming animated film, Robots, followed closely by Kingdom of Heaven.

10) Sorrent is spearheading gaming on mobile phones. What secrets can you share with us about the way mobile gaming will develop in the short term and longer term?

In the short term, you will continue to see major improvements in gameplay, graphics and control of the games on the handsets that make up the majority of the installed base of game-capable handsets worldwide. In the longer term, as handset technology improves and those handsets become a larger part of the overall installed base, you’ll see more 3D and connected games.

Thank you for your time we hope to hear more from you soon.