Shadow The Hedgehog E3 2005 Hands-On Preview
By: Kenneth Shelton

A new game from the Sonic franchise is Shadow The Hedgehog from Sega. This game will appear on the Xbox console and has a new main star - Yep, you guessed it, Shadow the Hedgehog.

My initial experience in playing was nothing but utter confusion. The camera moves very quickly and its hard to get your bearings, but after you've played it for a few minutes, your head adjusts and you can start to get a feel for the game.

This title is basically a completely 3D version of Sonic (feels almost like Super Mario RPG, but faster). The graphics are of the average run of the mill Xbox variety with nothing extremely innovative by the looks of it.

After flying off an edge about half-dozen times, I was finally able to move forward and collect a few rings (your health, just like in all the old Sonic games) and then I bumped into an old friend: Sonic! Yes, it looks like in this game, you can get your old pal Sonic to follow you around just like he had done with his buddy, Tails.

The 3D elements seem quite developed, as I shot forward with the typical spinning move, I twisted around in a maze of pipes. Also, Shadow seems to have a few more tricks up his sleeve than Sonic had; he now can now use a gun. I bonked a baddie and picked up a gun then proceeded to blast my way forward. It seems that the landscape is more in use during this game; you get to hand onto some red slime and grab its movement power to throw you through the levels.

While this game doesnt look like it can hold your attention for an extended period of time, it does look like a great title to occupy yourself with when you have some time to kill.