Starcraft Ghost E3 2005 Hands-On Preview
By: Kenneth Shelton

The Starcraft Ghost build we could play at E3 2005 seems to showcase a new FPS from Blizzard, to be available for the common consoles. We played both the Xbox and the Gamecube versions and can definitely recommend the Xbox adaptation over the Gamecube one if you have the choice.

The graphics are good, but nothing spectacular or anything that stands out as being completely original, but if you've played and liked Unreal Tournament's Onslaught game mode, then you will like this title. The part of the game we played had the same feel, you had an overhead map that you move around and the switch from transportation to foot was smooth. All the vehicles seemed drivable, but the physics seemed somewhat limited. When you crashed into another vehicle/object, there was little to no effect.

When you fire your missile-like weapons, you get a nice blurring on screen, which gives you the idea that you're really doing something, but the actual affect of this wasnt able to be noticed. They had the health locked so I cant say for sure how difficult the game really is, but it seemed fairly easy. The downside though was the controllability. Personally, I had a difficult time adjusting to the controls and being able to maneuver my character and vehicles in a way that didnt resemble a stumbling idiot.

Overall this looks like a game I might play for a little while at a lan party with some friends, but from the short experience at E3, I don't see this game being a GOTY, even if it will surely sell like candy.