Auto Assault (NCSoft)
By: Kenneth Shelton

Auto Assault is a new style MMORP from NcSoft. First off, your character is more your vehicles and less your Avatar style character and during character creation you can choose to be one of three completely different factions.

You get to build up your vehicles through missions, like in all MMORPs, and the vehicle development includes adding new wheels to your vehicle and different skills like lightning arcs or different types of bullets/missiles. For graphics this game using the amazing HalfLife2 engine with physics.

The game has two modes, standard and arena. In the standard mode you build your character, group, do missions, etc. and in the arena mode you can take your character to battle with other characters in a fast based brutal in your face action mode.

The grouping system in this game is more user friendly, instead of advertising on a channel that you are looking for a group you can use the games grouping system to auto-group with a group or player near you in distance and level along with similar intentions.

The best thing about this game is the pace, it’s … FAST … no more waiting around for hours doing pointless point and click movements or traveling for hours in real life to get to a place every time you want to go. In Auto Assault, once you’ve been somewhere, you can call a transport to take you back.

If you in to the PVP action, once you reach a certain level you can travel to the “Wasteland” which is open all PVP area.

When I played this game I was playing the Arena mode and the action was intense. I was on a map with about 5 other players and it was non-stop blowing up. When I would re-spawn I would be able regen on some health pods and jump right back in. In the 10 minutes or so I played I probably died a good 5 times.

The developers seem real exited about this title (one of them talked my head off for a good 15 minutes) and this game looks GREAT!!! I can’t wait for it to hit shelves!!