Spartan the Ultimate Warrior is a new action/adventure fantasy game. This is an all out slice em up game that I previewed for the Xbox. There are 2 modes to this game an Arena mode and then a Story mode. In both of the modes you are Spartan and you have your army to help you on your mission.

In the Arena mode you and your army fight other armies and its a kill them all type of game. Theres about 5 levels in this mode and in each you fight barbarians or gladiators or the Romans. Each level increases the difficulty and also the number of enemies youre fighting against. I thought that this mode very fast paced with all enemies basically trying to get to you and kill you. After you advance to the next level and start out again on separate sides and go at it again. Im not sure what happens at the end like if theres a boss at the end.

In the Story mode you again have your army and youre Spartan and you basically have to attack all the other enemies, and theres a lot of them, and protect your gate to Sparta or whatever the objectives are that they tell you at the beginning of each level. The level I got to play I was fighting the Romans and I had to protect my gate and make sure that King Leonidas from getting killed. Theres other levels but Im not sure what the objectives of those are. What I noticed that was pretty cool was that you could see literally for like 3km and all of my field of vision was already built and no fogging off in the distance ( like in Dynasty Warriors ). Whats also very interesting the developer was telling me that on other levels where there are multiple enemies to fight against is that they all fight amongst themselves also.

In both modes you have 3 meter bars one for your health, one for your adrenaline, and one for your Power of the Gods. Your adrenaline goes up as you fight more enemies and the Power of the Gods builds by collecting these blue glowing balls above the dead corpse. Once that meter is filled then you can use it and gives you more strength and causes a lot more damage, like cutting off 5 enemy heads at once.

I thought this game was very interesting and kept me playing but I also think that after a while it will start to get boring just killing the enemy at every stage. Like in Dynasty Warriors it was fun at first but after a while of all the killing its kind of boring. But if youre into slicing everybody up with your sword then get this game if not it might be better to rent it.